Around the Corner

Hello everyone! So we are close, almost at the finish line! Thanksgiving is just the round the corner! I am so excited!!! Some awesome things are coming up this week; I’m especially excited about the hunger banquet!! It’s this Tuesday, November 18 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the Butler Reception Room! Everyone needs to go! For those of you who don’t know what it is, the hunger banquet is a simulation that allows us to understand what hunger is in this world, and it will also give us ideas on whcansat we can do to help! And there will also be free food! So everyone should go! There will also be a raffle, and its super easy to be entered! Either submit a canned good or donate $1!

Also on Tuesday the 18th at 9:15 pm, Improv will be having another fabulous show with our campus Ministry! Come If You Can! Everyone should also bring a canned good or a non perishable food to donate! It will be given to the less fortunate during the holidays! It shall be amazing! And everyone should attend!

This Saturday night I was lucky enough to be able to have Chi Tung! My friends and I were able to eat at the hibachi grill! It was so good! It was definitely my favorite meal that I have had in the last three months, other than the homemade food my family left me when they were here last month. I would for sure say that if you haven’t ever had it, and its a special occasion, or you just want a really good meal, go and have heaven on a plate.

And on a awesome side note, our football team is ranked third in the NAIA nation, so thats awesome!

I hope everyone has a great week, keep pushing through cause thanksgiving break is near!

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