Motivation and Determination

1Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great past weekend and are having an exceptional week. As I’ve always said, to get what you truly want, you have to dig down deep and achieve it. A lot of bumps and hurdles will most definitely get in the way in the process, but that’s when we must find the inner-strength within to jump those hurdles, go through those brick walls, and whatever cliche you would like to add to it. Just get the job done!

1Over the weekend, I ended up being back and fourth to the hospital over my foot, that was in so much pain that I couldn’t put an ounce of weight on it. I eventually decided to go to the hospital, only to have a not-so good time. Being stuck in the hospital for three days is far from being a joke, but thank God that my Mom, girlfriend and close friends had my back through this and that I am finally out of the hospital and I am at home getting much needed bed rests.┬áThankfully, I have great and understanding teachers, who are letting attend my classes through emails and discussion boards.

1However, over the past month, I have been through a lot. Dealing with personal issues with others in your family is never a good thing. I’m not going to let these issues interrupt what I am trying to accomplish. Graduation for me is right around the corner and I am not going to miss it for anything. I just have to stay determined and keep the positive people and things around me and kick the negativity to the curb!

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