The Week Keeps Going, Even For The Sick..

Well hey ya’ll, we are almost there, must of us have two days this week of school before you get to sit back, relax, and eat a whole bunch of turkey. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.. I only have classes on Monday, and get to ride home! Super excited to see my family! This past week has been terrible for me though, I have been sick, and being sick in college really isn’t fun.. For those classes you can have absences for, it’s not many, and when you try and go to class coughing and sneezes, you’re pretty much not getting anything that your professor is saying! It just isn’t fun at all. All I know is that being sick in college isn’t fun.. There is so much I decided to miss after my classes that I wish I could of gone to! From the hunger banquet to improv, I hated missing all of these awesome fun things, but I also knew that if I didn’t rest, I would probably never get better, and even though it has almost been a week I am still not up to my hundred percent self! Once I Bet this cold I will probably never again want to have tea ever again.. Because I am on 3-5 cups every day, never again. I miss coffee. And I miss other foods then soup, on the plus point at least our cafeteria  does change there soups everyday!

photoOne thing that I knew I had to do sick or not was go to Broadview Detention Center this week, especially after Obama’s Speech on immigration, how he is he finally taking the correct steps, but more is needed, we need to say thank you President Obama, but more needs to get done. On Friday, it was a smaller group of SXU students for Broadview Detention Center, I didn’t even know about it myself till the day before, but everyone should try hard in January and following months to learn about the broken immigration system, about the steps that are taking place to hopefully mend them, and to pray for those who are being affected about deportation. This week’s was pretty cool, not just in weather because there was channel 5 interviewing families and protesors!

I hope everyone makes it through these two days, and safe travels back home for turkey time and family time! Sending happy thoughts from a sick girl, who is tired of tea, drink some coffee for me!

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