End Of the Semester Is Here!

1Hello everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying your weekend! It’s hard to believe, but the semester is winding down to a close. At Saint Xavier University, this upcoming week (beginning tomorrow), will be the end of the 2014 Fall Semester. With this bit of information, two things come to mind: One, I finally get to kick up my heels and relax me feet for awhile with no worries. Two, non-stop studying for Finals. The second one is obviously not a fan favorite to anyone, but it has to be done.

3Non-stop cramming for exams, staying up past two in the morning, making sure you get every inch of knowledge crammed inside your brain that you can use once your exams come around. I know from experience that it has to be extremely stressful on your mind and takes a toll on your body as well. However, what I have come to learn in my years of taking Finals is to not panic, don’t over-think and have complete faith in your capabilities that you have this covered.

2Trust me, I know that these three phrases are better said than done. At times we tend to over-think certain aspects of our life, with school being one of them. Don’t over-think your answers to whatever question is presented to you on your exams and have faith in yourself and believing that you can conquer any challenge presented to you. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer or wonder what if you don’t pass. We’ve all worked too hard to give up or stress over things such as what if. Look at it as just another obstacle to is ahead of you, and it will be mastered by you.

4With that being said, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Finals Week and enjoys their much needed off time as well!

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