Valentine’s Day? Already?

January is almost over. :(

February is right around the corner! Literally. That means… VALENTINE’S DAY!

You might have someone special or not… Whatever your situation, what better way to keep busy than to create your own DIY projects!

Love to sleep? Need pillows to decorate a boring room? Check out this girl I follow on YouTube! These DIY Emoji Pillows are the CUTEST pillows I’ve ever seen. Follow the Link below to watch!

DIY Emoji Pillows

Need to make a valentine’s day card for a loved one? Check out this video on how to make your own with regular white paper or cardstock you happen to have a some.

DIY Valentine’s Love Letter

If you love writing letters, check out this “Open When..” letter video for a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. A personal touch this valentine’s day really will make it a more romantic and touching night. Plus it’s fun and a sweet idea.

DIY: Open When Letters

Next week I will be having more of a fashion blog with cute ideas of outfits for a Valentine’s evening with your significant other.

I hope you all are enjoying being back at school, now that we have settled down with our excitement of seeing our friends we can focus on our studying! I love study dates with coffee and fun people.

Be well!

Back in the Swing of Things!

Hey y’all! So I hope everyone had a great second week of school. It’s starting to feel normal right? As though winter break was months ago? Well, as we all begin to get back into the swing of things some pretty cool stuff happened this past week! This past Thursday I found out that I am going to be doing my Spring Break Service Trip in Walls, Mississippi! Not only do I have an eleven hour car drive with the rest of the group, but I am going to be able to help people by replacing roofs, laying new floors, building wheelchair ramps, doing clean up jobs, sorting clothes, and serving in soup kitchens… pretty much I couldn’t be more excited!

This Friday morning I woke up to a great group of SXU students heading obroadviewver to Broadview Deportation Center, even though its so early (I wake up at 5:30) I am always so happy I made myself get up for it! This Friday was more difficult than past months though, families were bringing their loved ones suitcases. The idea that I could possibly have to do that for my own dad, or my own family member is so difficult. How can you know what to pack? How can you fit someone’s life into one suitcase? Well, you cant. To know that I go to a school that is so strongly against the deportation of immigrations and has ways for us as students to fight against it is great..

I also want to go back to highlighting one SXU student each weTHIS PICek! Adriana Berardi is a great student here! I met her last semester in our English class and it was just lovely! She also got me to attend the women’s prayer group every week! She always has a smile on her face and brightens anyone’s day! So say “hi” if you see her in the SXU hallways! I’m so happy I have math with her this semester! And really, who else would I want to spend the best lunch of the week with? Pasta Fridays with the best!

I hope everyone has a great third week! Best of luck with all of your classes! A quote to think about this coming week is, “some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” So wake up and work hard!

Are Weekends a Thing of the Past?

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a productive week and a relaxing weekend! I traveled home to the south suburbs for the weekend to visit my family. It was a much needed break from campus! As much as I enjoy Saint Xavier, I think living away from home is a bit trying for everyone at one point or another.

As part of my weekend activities I took a break from my many hours of homework to go on a brief shopping trip. When I say brief, I mean that in the most literal sense. I stopped at a couple stores, I didn’t even buy anything. One of the main reasons I did not buy anything (besides being strapped for cash) was that my phone was absolutely blowing up. For those who don’t know what that means, I was getting an over abundance of texts and emails all at once. When I’m out, I tend to leave my phone in my purse unless I receive an important call, I like to focus on the task at hand. But as I shopped around and my phone continued to buzz and ring I had to look at it because I figured it must be something serious. It turned out to be texts and emails from a professor demanding my response…on the weekend!


This certainly is not the first time this has happened to me. As a matter of fact, I find that due to technology I feel as though I am in class 24/7. It’s finally starting to make me question whether or not thats fair. I recognize that my future career may require me to be available or reachable via technology at all times. But I also know a lot organizations that allow you to be out of the office for the weekend…including texts and emails. Technology has numerous benefits and has broadened our world in so many ways, but at the same time, I feel shackled to it.  Gone are the days when a weekend is actually time off for me. Does anyone else experience the same thing?

I might just have to make it a personal mission to “unplug” myself from technology during the weekend and deal with the consequences on Monday!

On a lighter note, on Thursday, I ventured downtown with a few friends to see one of our favorite local bands, The Personnel. They’re a friendly and charismatic group of guys that covers 90′s hits. As a 90′s kid, their performances always take me back! We’ve seen them play several times, but this past week they performed at a bar called Social 25, a weekend hot spot on Hubbard Street (for my 21 and over readers). I’ve included the link to band’s website, everyone should give them a listen!

Have a wonderful week!

Positive Attitude Generates Positive Results

1I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend and  having an easy transition back into classes for the spring semester. On my end, everything is going really well, I must say. Classes are going fine and work is going nicely as well. I have realized that if you go into something with a positive mindset and that no one or nothing can ruin your day, then everything will work out for the best. So far, my positive mindset has paid off for me!

2As I have stated in previous posts, I am horrible at math. However, I must say that I am really enjoying myself in my math class so far. Everything is clicking for me in that class and it could not have happened at a better time. I’m really enjoying myself in this class and if everything continues to go as planned, I will conquer my biggest hurdle to graduate! Usually, I go into classes like this one defeated and aiming for the lowest grade possible to at least get by. That is not the case anymore, as the goal for every semester and in life in general is to excel to the highest of my abilities and to go into any situation focused and ready to conquer any obstacle tossed my way.

3A positive attitude in life is the best formula for success, at least for me. You must go into something head-strong and ready for anything that life presents to you. Of course there will be some bumps and hurdles along the way, but if you stay focused and determined with nothing but positive energy around you, you will surely accomplish any goal that you set for yourself.

5I hope that everyone enjoys the rests of their weekend and has a great week ahead as well!

A New Year, A New Start to the School Year!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing winter break and first week back at school! For winter break I went back home to cold snowy Minnesota to hang out with familybrit and i and friends, and even though it was so nice not to have any school work to do, it feels so good to be back to the windy city! Saint Xavier has really became my home away from home. Being back for this first week was so relaxing but stressful! It was so nice to be back with my roommate and getting to see all of my SXU family, but is it just me or are the first two days back super stressful? Going over the syllabi for all of my classes, realizing that I need to do so much, it’s overwhelming! I think it gets better over the week, and by this upcoming week I think I will be back in the swing of things! (Picture to the top left is my roommate Brittany and I at Gilhooley’s over the week, happy to be back.)nena

Over break my youngest sister had her golden birthday of six years old! Her birthday was themed Garfield because he is one of her favorite shows right now. While over break we got to bake a ton, have many pajama movie days, teaching her how to make snowflakes with paper, and so much fun sledding together! (Picture to the right is Luna and I making snowflakes by the Christmas tree.)

Quest sign ups are hapeaceppening right now! Freshman and transfer students should look into going! It is a great experience to meet other SXU students while also making great memories! Also at SXU this week we have Martin Luther King Jr. Week, filled pack with daily activities and events! This Friday there is going to be Broadview which is what I am looking most forward to! Broadview is one of my favorite things about our school, so if you want to know more about our broken immigration system please attend!

Today, January 18 was my birthday! It started with my boyfriend treating mebirthday to a late brunch to later going having dinner at Todoroki, which is now my favorite place for hibachi now! It was so good, and to top off my lovely birthday away from home, we got to have Andy’s Frozen Custard! Even though I missed being home for my birthday it was still pretty nice of a birthday! (Jon and I at dinner eating amazing food.)

Textbook Time

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is having a nice, long weekend! The first week of the semester is always a bit trying so its great to have an extra day off to recuperate.

At the beginning of first semester, I wrote an article for my column in the Xavierite regarding college textbooks and the purchasing and “buy back” process. Since my freshman year of college, I’ve spent a great deal of money on textbooks (some that I barely used) and received very little in return when it came time to sell at the end of the semester.

This semester I resolved to try something a little different. Previously, I had looked at my course syllabus ahead of time, determined the required textbooks and ordered them well before the start date of the course so I knew I would be prepared and have all of the necessary materials. However, that system proved to cost me a little too much money in the end with some textbooks costing between $20 and $200 and rarely being used throughout the course. I also found that when I tried to sell them back to companies like Follett (the company that runs Saint Xavier’s bookstore) I would receive less than half of the price I bought it at, regardless of the book’s nearly new condition and many textbooks were simply not accepted because they were no longer being used by enough universities.

So, this semester I didn’t buy any books before my arrival back on campus for spring semester. I decided to just wait and see what I ACTUALLY needed before I made any purchases. So far I would say my experiment is going O.K. I’ll admit its a little stressful to feel as though you might not have momentary access to all the information you need for your courses so I’ve cracked and bought a few of the books that I think will be necessary, but others I have left on the shelves until I’m certain the course will require them.

I am currently looking into other textbook buying and renting options, using the library’s copy of the book (if they have it) or trying to find free or cheaper information online. At the end of the day, like many college students, I simply can’t afford all the textbooks I need. I am curious to see what other students do to help lessen the cost of their books each semester. So if you’re a current or former college student reading this post, help me out!


Happy New Year! Have a Great Semester!

1Hello everyone, I hope that you all had a great winter break! That month off helped me greatly recharge my batteries and have optimism that this Spring Semester will be a great and much better semester. I’m not big on New Years Resolutions at all. I just take each day as it comes and strive to become a better person each day. Find greater goals to accomplish and strive for excellence in the process. During my break though, I hung out with great friends and became much healthier as well.


GlennMy girlfriend and I got a chance to just spend good, quality time together, which is always a great thing. It’s crazy because we live with each other, but with us going to different schools and our schedules being sometimes hectic, it’s a little bit hard finding time. However, it’s always great to just kick back and enjoy each others company whenever presented the opportunity. I love her greatly and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else!


The Team #1My best friends and I go to different schools, so it is extremely difficult to hangout with each other on a consistent basis, but when we do, we always have a great time. We talk to each other almost everyday and we share some wild and crazy stories, along with some crazy times. These guys are my friends for life and has had my back when I felt as though barely anybody did. I love these guys and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything! Good dudes through and through. New Years Eve was no different as we just chilled, reminisced and had a great time.


My foot as finally healed for the most part. I still have a little bit of pain here or there, but I am able to walk without crutches or a walking boot, which is great. Hopefully this kind of pain will never happen again and I am taking great steps to prevent that from happening.

3This semester I am taking two classes that I truly dislike and that is math and science. I have no other options as I need these classes to graduate from college, so I am optimistic that I will get the job done. Whatever I need to do, I will do. As long as it means that I will be able to cross the stage, I’m all for it with math and science. I have faith that I will get the job done!

2With that being said, I hope that everyone enjoyed their first week back from break and enjoy the semester ahead. Have a great holiday weekend!

Hello 2015! Welcome back SXU!

Good morning SXU!

I hope the holidays were wonderful for you and you got to spend lots of time relaxing and eating and just doing nothing.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Now that 2015 is here, it is time to set goals for yourself, manage your time, and reach for them. We are now entering the spring semester. That means another step closer to graduation and becoming adults with careers. Doesn’t that sound great?!

Here’s how to have a great semester with rocking grades!



3. GET ORGANIZED! Use a planner to write down due dates and homework assignments. Get a notebook to write down notes. Make sure you are neat and you understand what you’re writing. Phrasing is very important when given a big load of information and you need the main idea(s). Color coding with higlighters or color pens makes everything fun and pretty. Make sure that you have a classmates phone number, email, or facebook in case you need to get in touch with someone.

Use a planner to help you have a great semester.

Use a planner to help you have a great semester.

4. MANAGE YOUR TIME! Use your planner to schedule time to read, do homework, study, and socialize. Remember that school comes first so when you’re supposed to be reading, actually read and not read facebook statuses or tweets. It’s okay to say “no” to going out if you have work to do. Making lists is a fun way to make sure you don’t miss anything.

5. STUDY SMART! Find a good place to study where you will focus and not get distracted. Get started as soon as possible and do not procrastinate. Figure out how you learn best (hands on, rereading, flash cards, listening to the lecture again, etc.). Organize how you’re going to study.

Ask questions, take good notes, and study.

Ask questions, take good notes, and study.

6. BE SUCCESSFUL! Do all your work & complete assignments. Sit in front of the class. Be on time. Participate! Communicate with your professors and establish good relationships with them and they’ll usually give you the benefit of the doubt (although not all of them will). Use services available like tutoring, open labs, etc.

Once you get the grades you want, you can reward yourself. :) that’s the best part. Make sure you have a great, fun semester!

Go for it!

Go for it!

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Welcome back to school cougars and welcome back to my blog!

I had a very relaxing and restful break full of family time, naps and the absence of school work (that was by far the best part). I ended first semester with a 4.0 which set me up for a nice break and wonderful holiday season.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a resident student at Saint Xavier University. This means my breaks are spent at home with my family in the south suburbs and during the academic year I reside in a dorm on Saint Xavier’s campus. I have loved living on campus for the most part. Its a great way to get the full college experience, make new friends and gain some independence.

However, I have a tendency to get a little homesick now and again. I felt similarly as I traveled back to campus this weekend. Despite the fact that I’ve been living away from home for about two and a half years now, leaving home is still pretty difficult. The first week back to work and school after a long break is always an adjustment week, for everyone. Sometimes I feel like I live two seperate lives and the transition between the two (no matter how many times I do it) always seems to be a little rocky. I am sure other students that traveled away from home for college can relate.

On top of changing my living situation once again, this week marks the beginning of a schedule full of brand new classes and brand new homework, projects, papers and tests. I’ve noticed that the first few days of class always leave me feeling little overwhelmed. It is difficult to adjust to new professors, teaching styles and expectations and at the very least its a lot of new information. You may find yourself learning about subjects that you have never even heard of let alone mastered. So to start this new semester I”ll share a quote that always gives me a little peace of mind when I feel baffled by new courses.

“The expert at anything was once a beginner.” – Helen Hayes

I hope everyone has a productive first week and a smooth adjustment! Time to hit the books!