Are Weekends a Thing of the Past?

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a productive week and a relaxing weekend! I traveled home to the south suburbs for the weekend to visit my family. It was a much needed break from campus! As much as I enjoy Saint Xavier, I think living away from home is a bit trying for everyone at one point or another.

As part of my weekend activities I took a break from my many hours of homework to go on a brief shopping trip. When I say brief, I mean that in the most literal sense. I stopped at a couple stores, I didn’t even buy anything. One of the main reasons I did not buy anything (besides being strapped for cash) was that my phone was absolutely blowing up. For those who don’t know what that means, I was getting an over abundance of texts and emails all at once. When I’m out, I tend to leave my phone in my purse unless I receive an important call, I like to focus on the task at hand. But as I shopped around and my phone continued to buzz and ring I had to look at it because I figured it must be something serious. It turned out to be texts and emails from a professor demanding my response…on the weekend!


This certainly is not the first time this has happened to me. As a matter of fact, I find that due to technology I feel as though I am in class 24/7. It’s finally starting to make me question whether or not thats fair. I recognize that my future career may require me to be available or reachable via technology at all times. But I also know a lot organizations that allow you to be out of the office for the weekend…including texts and emails. Technology has numerous benefits and has broadened our world in so many ways, but at the same time, I feel shackled to it.  Gone are the days when a weekend is actually time off for me. Does anyone else experience the same thing?

I might just have to make it a personal mission to “unplug” myself from technology during the weekend and deal with the consequences on Monday!

On a lighter note, on Thursday, I ventured downtown with a few friends to see one of our favorite local bands, The Personnel. They’re a friendly and charismatic group of guys that covers 90′s hits. As a 90′s kid, their performances always take me back! We’ve seen them play several times, but this past week they performed at a bar called Social 25, a weekend hot spot on Hubbard Street (for my 21 and over readers). I’ve included the link to band’s website, everyone should give them a listen!

Have a wonderful week!

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Hi everyone! I am currently a Senior communication major at Saint Xavier University! This is my second year blogging for the Cougar Diaries and I am very excited to continue sharing my story! I tend to blog a lot about my classes, happenings in and around SXU, my relationship with my identical twin sister, my family and friends and anything that I can't seem to get out of my head! I am graduating in May and preparing myself for life outside of SXU. So I invite you to join me as I embark on the final lap of my college career!

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