Back in the Swing of Things!

Hey y’all! So I hope everyone had a great second week of school. It’s starting to feel normal right? As though winter break was months ago? Well, as we all begin to get back into the swing of things some pretty cool stuff happened this past week! This past Thursday I found out that I am going to be doing my Spring Break Service Trip in Walls, Mississippi! Not only do I have an eleven hour car drive with the rest of the group, but I am going to be able to help people by replacing roofs, laying new floors, building wheelchair ramps, doing clean up jobs, sorting clothes, and serving in soup kitchens… pretty much I couldn’t be more excited!

This Friday morning I woke up to a great group of SXU students heading obroadviewver to Broadview Deportation Center, even though its so early (I wake up at 5:30) I am always so happy I made myself get up for it! This Friday was more difficult than past months though, families were bringing their loved ones suitcases. The idea that I could possibly have to do that for my own dad, or my own family member is so difficult. How can you know what to pack? How can you fit someone’s life into one suitcase? Well, you cant. To know that I go to a school that is so strongly against the deportation of immigrations and has ways for us as students to fight against it is great..

I also want to go back to highlighting one SXU student each weTHIS PICek! Adriana Berardi is a great student here! I met her last semester in our English class and it was just lovely! She also got me to attend the women’s prayer group every week! She always has a smile on her face and brightens anyone’s day! So say “hi” if you see her in the SXU hallways! I’m so happy I have math with her this semester! And really, who else would I want to spend the best lunch of the week with? Pasta Fridays with the best!

I hope everyone has a great third week! Best of luck with all of your classes! A quote to think about this coming week is, “some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” So wake up and work hard!

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