Spring Break? Sorry, I’m a broke college student.

We are 8 days away from Spring Break! I am NOT going anywhere though. haha I wish I could go to the Wisconsin Dells and relax on a mini vacation or maybe go to Florida and soak in some sun and melt the sadness in my frozen heart.

March is Women’s History Month and here is the flyer of all the cool things going on around campus.

Women's History Month Flyer

Women’s History Month Flyer

After spring break, time is going to fly on by. We have no breaks, except for Easter with is the first weekend of April. After that, it’s time to go hard at those books, work, and studying. I have set some higher goals for myself since I always struggle with school towards the end.

This semester I am taking 18 credit hours and time management is very very hard for me. It always has been. But I excel in organization. I invested in a pretty pink planner that I know I will use and constantly use. I also invested in a expandable folder so I am able to keep track of all my papers and it was seriously the BEST INVESTMENT EVER! I am so on top of all my school work. I am actually having fun.

Did I mention I am obsessed with office supplies? Well….. I am! Hahaha. Especially Post-It Notes :)

Find the thing that you find fun and integrate it with your school work! You won’t regret it.

Good luck on your Mid-Terms SXU!

Back To the Basics

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great week! This week has been the beginning of Lent, for those of you who do not know what lent is, lent is the season that many Christians focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting in hope of growing closer to God. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and goes till Easter Sunday, for Catholics this involves no meat on Ash Wednesdayash wednesday and on Friday’s. Many people give up something for lent, like chocolate, ice cream, or their favorite people. But there is also the option of taking on something, this year I decided to take on “thinking before I speak,” trying not to swear, talk about people, or really just speaking when it isn’t necessary. I also am taking on praying every day. Now Lent is supposed to show us that what we have given up or took on is or isn’t needed in our life, so that after Easter we don’t have the habit that we had once had before. Lent is a time for us to reflect on what is going on in our lives, our own faith, how much we give, or serve. For those who believe they give already, try and give more. For those who serve often, serve more. There is no such thing as giving or helping too much. So good luck to all who are taking part in Lent!

For those of you who are interested in deepening your own faith in the Chapel we have both men and women prayer groups throughout the week. I personally attend one with Sister Carol and it has been a life changing experience, it only meets for half an hour so people can go back to their busy lives, but it has helped me so much in my own faith. If you are looking for times for the Women’s prayer group it meets Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m., Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Fridays at 11:00 a.m. And for the men’s meets on Monday’s at 2:00p.m. All faiths are welcomed!ice cream

This Wednesday I got to third wheel it with my roommate and her boyfriend to dinner of noodles and company following the Plush Horse. Both super good but it being my first time at the Plush Horse was amazing, for those of you who don’t know about the Plush Horse, all of the ice cream is homemade and so yummyyyyyyyyyy. It was pure happiness.

This Thursday M.S.P.J. hosted the documentary abUSed: The Postville Raid which focused on the deportation of nearly 400 immigrants that were working at a meat packaging plant. The documentary talked about the broken immigration systembroadview bus that we have and the effects of deporting people, not only for their families, but also their community. Do watch the movie, it is very informational and powerful. The following morning M.S.P.J. also lend a group of students to Broadview Deportation Center, when though that Friday was extremely cold, I couldn’t get myself to sleep in and decided to go even though I just wanted more sleep. I also was able to get my roommate to come with for her first time ever! Even though I go every month, and I feel as though I should be use to attending, I can’t be, it always affects me. As a daughter to an immigrant I cannot imagine bringing my dad a suitcase of his belongings. How can one pack their life into a suitcase? How do you know what to pack? How can one goodbye last forever? It canbus’t. This week the door that normally had a couple of families inside that were bringing suitcases was so filled they couldn’t shut the door. Showing the families support by praying in English and Spanish as we shivered in the cold. It just feels too unreal. As families would leave crying knowing that they might never see their father, brother, sister, mother, daughter, and son. It’s broken. This “system is beyond broken. As we were leaving in our own bus, the bus that would separate these families forever also came. It was a silent drive back.

orchestraFriday evening Jon and I did go to Symphony Hall to go and see the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. The Hall was more beautiful then I rememberejon and i in th ered dressd previously being there before. The music sounded amazing as well. Our seats were also pretty amazing for student tickets! Each ticket was $15, but we had the belief it was going to be nose bleeders! But we weren’t at all! Our tickets were amazing! So students, go on the Chicago Symphony Hall website and look for student tickets! I hope everyone has a good week and good luck to everyone with midterms around the corner!

Weekend of Loveee

February has to be hands-down the most loved & hated month of the year. Why? Because of Valentine’s Day.

A few exciting things happened to me this month.

ipsy Bag - February

ipsy Bag – February

  1. I got my first ever ipsy bag – a monthly make-up subscription of only $10 (check it out! http://www.ipsy.com/r/2b771?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general)
  2. My first Valentine’s Day with Michael
  3. My professor unknowingly helped me figure out what I want to do with my life

I have a giant obsession with make-up :) and I gave up buying new make up for Lent :( but I know I can do it. I can use up the make-up I have already right? This is what I got in my ipsy bag this month.

My February ipsy bag.

My February ipsy bag.

For Valentine’s Micheal took me to Mike Ditka’s Restaurant. This guy is a former coach of the Chicago Bears. I had a filet mignon. OMG. BEST STEAK EVER HANDS DOWN!

VDay Dinner with Michael

VDay Dinner with Michael

I am a criminal justice major and this field is very board. I could do so many things…. My research methods teacher, Dr. Blair is the newest addition to the department and she is a great professor! I cannot say enough good things about her. Dr. Alderdan is my advisor and she is great too. Thanks to them. I want to become a criminal justice researcher. Ideally I would like to work with the Department of Child and Family Services. I am so blessed to have these two wonder professors in my life.

I am truly happy in this moment.

Blessings to you, SXU Community.

Almost the Halfway Point of the Semester

1Hello everyone. I hope that everyone had a great week this past week and are enjoying their weekend. Only a couple of weeks left until it is Spring Break, which is hard to believe. It feels just like yesterday when the Spring Semester started and now we’re almost at the halfway point of the semester. Which means for me that I am getting closer and closer to graduating. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I cannot wait to graduate! However, with the excitement of graduation comes to nervousness of it all as well.

2Reflecting on my time as an undergraduate in college, the thing that comes to mind is, “Did I do enough in college to get my dream job?” It is something that creeps into my mind all of the time when graduation gets near. At times I began to panic, just thinking about it all. However, looking back on my accomplishments and what I have achieved thus far, I am confident that I will obtain the job of my dreams. It may take time like with any other process in life, but as long as I stay focused on what I am trying to achieve and don’t let anything negative get into my way, than I will most definitely achieve what I want to. It is a cliche, but to me, it’s a successful recipe to achieve success in my life.

3Ever since I was little, all I wanted to do was enter into the sports industry. Whether it was a commentator, analysis, writer, radio host, etc. it was something that I always wanted. Regardless of how anyone felt about those dreams, I have stayed true to who I am as a person and what I believe in. There has been some bumps in the road, like with anything in life, but that has not stopped me from achieving what I always wanted to do! I must say that I am proud of myself for that, because I could have gave up numerous times in the past, but I took positive criticism or negative criticism in stride and put it to good use. I will continue to always look to become better at my profession that I am passionate for and that I truly love!

4With that being said, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything! Have confidence in yourself and everything will fall in place for yourself. Enjoy the rests of you guys’ weekend and the week that is ahead.

Spring…Where Are You?

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!

This weekend, I traveled home once again to take care of some things and visit family. I also had the pleasure (I hope you can hear my sarcasm through the internet) of working on my honors fieldwork project. The experience itself has been very valuable, but putting together any type of major project is always a bit stressful.

As an honors student here at Saint Xavier, we are required to complete a fieldwork project of our choosing during our junior year. This means that we must, as you can probably infer, get some experience in our field and then submit some kind of product that displays some what we’ve learned. Some people choose to do research, some do internships or job shadowing. I chose to use my work as an editor at the school’s newspaper, the Xavierite, as my fieldwork experience.

My final project is due in just a few days so I’ve spent a great deal of time this weekend clipping my newspaper articles, organizing them and compiling them neatly into a professional portfolio. It has been a lot of tedious work, but I’ve noticed some major benefits. While sifting through dozens of my own articles I got a chance to read some of the stuff I’ve written and see how far I’ve come since I began writing for the paper my freshman year. It is not often that you get to see all of your work compiled like that and the improvement is tangible and visible. It’s a good feeling!

I also recognized that this portfolio is going to be a very useful tool for me moving forward in my career search. After this project, I will be able to take this portfolio with me to job interviews as a sample of my published materials. I am a big supporter of projects that students will be able to reuse later in their career, it makes the work you put into it seem so much more valuable and worth the time.

On a lighter note, I had my first AMC movie theater experience last week! My friends and I ventured to the AMC in Chicago Ridge for a movie and had a great time! The seats in this theater are roomy and comfortable recliners. This was certainly something I had never experienced before and now that I have, I don’t think I can ever go back to regular theater seats! If you plan on taking a trip to the Chicago Ridge AMC, I would recommend buying your tickets online. We bought our tickets in advance and were able to select our seats to ensure that we were front and center. Once you get there, you pick up your tickets at the kiosk and walk right in, it saves so much time!

Here’s to another week! I’m crossing my fingers with the hope that Chicago will see some warmer weather! Think warm thoughts!


Valentines Day Weekend

2I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend, as it is Valentines Day weekend! I hope that everyone enjoyed their day with that special someone, regardless who it is. Most importantly, I hope that everyone is bundling up during this cold stretch that we are experiencing, especially this week coming up. I can’t wait for this weather to clear up so I don’t have to endure this brutal weather. This week is supposed to be just as bad as a few weeks ago with the temperatures. Spring can’t come soon enough, and that’s what I am anticipating the most! I’m normally not a Spring/Summer type of person, but this weather makes you have no other choice but to.

1Speaking of weather, it was so brutal yesterday. On Valentines Day of all days! When my girlfriend and I woke up, the first thing we did was look at the news to see what the weather was going to be looking like for the day. However, we didn’t have to look at the weather to see what was going on, because we could hear the wind howling outside. We knew right then and there how cold it was going to be, unfortunately. Regardless of the weather, we still made the most of our day. We went to the movies to catch a good movie, we chilled in the house for a bit, then we went to Joe’s Crabshack. It was our first time going to the place and it was a nice experience overall. We ate crab legs and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

4It was a much needed break from work and school constantly. It was nice to chill and have no worries, at least for one day. Today, however, we’re right back to working hard to get the best possible grades in our respective classes. It always a good, goofy time when we both hangout with each other. Back to school work on Sunday and back to school and work on Monday. You can just hear the excitement in my voice now.It’s cool though, I have no complaints. Plus, Spring Break is just a few weeks away. Like I always say, you go into something with a positive mindset, nothing or no one can ruin your day.

4With that being said, I hope that everyone has a great week ahead! Always remain positive and don’t let non circumstance define or defeat you. If you stay with a positive outlook on things, good things will eventually happen and take shape in your life. Stay blessed and positive!

Everyone is Holding Hands

wall of looeI hope everyone had a great week! This week was a busy week! Everyone wrote on the hall of love this week and it was so great to see everyone write what they loved, who brought them love, and what love means to them. Love is such a powerful, amazing thing, but I’m just not that into Valentines, but as many of you know, I tried this year. So maybe a few of you wondered how it played out?

To begin with, I got cupa cute stuffed puppy, a whole lot of chocolate, and a beautiful necklace. While I made him a cup! And it turned out to be pretty awesome! Once we did gifts, the search for food started! Our favorite restaurant in the world wouldn’t take reservations on Valentine’s Day. So my boyfriend and I decided to just wait it out, right? Wouldn’t be that long? It was. The line was to the door, and people were going on an hour wait, of course at that time, we were hungry. Really hungry. The idea of possibly waiting another hour was not okapastay, especially with just the smell of our favorite restaurant from the back door. It was not fair. So we walked another two blocks, disappointment filling our stomachs. Neither of us could think of anything else that this oeneven sounded good. We turned another corner and saw the La Macchina, a cute little Italian restaurant that one of Jon’s TAs said we had to try, so we thought, what have we got to lose? So we went in, got a cute little table lit dinner, and it was the best Italian food of my life. Even now, a day later, my mouth is watering… We had chocolate covered strawberries and Lemon Sorbet. It was amazing. So it may have been my third Valentines with my boyfriend but my first time actually celebrating it, and it was fun. But, we both realized that we didn’t really like Valentines, even though we did have fun, it’s just not our thing. I want to get to have fun dates just because, I don’t want to hold hands because I am supposed to. So yeah, we tried Valentine’s Day, we kind of liked it, but it wasn’t really us.

This Monday I was abFood Truck Picturele to do the Bread Truck and it was great. I got one of my best friend’s Jerry to join me! I also got to know one of the girls who will be joining me on my serve trip next month to Mississippi which only made me more excited because she is awesome! Email Tom at tcook@sxu.edu if you would like to go and help the hungry people of Chicago!Ireland

This Tuesday I joined my roommate Brittany at the traditional Irish music concert by the Dirty Wellies! It was a fun and great concert! Lots of fun to listen to! And they all had so many beautiful accents that were so pretty! They played so well! But no Grandpa or Mom, I do not want to play the fiddle, so please don’t start again. But please people! Look them up!

I would also like to apeacepologize, I made a mistake! I thought that Broadview Deportation was last Friday, but i’ts actually this upcoming Friday! So this Friday it is happening, so please attend! We will be leaving at 6:15 am from Regina Hall so please attend! Also MSPJ will be hosting a movie night this week about immigration so look out for all of the flyers! Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Welcome back,

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I just returned from the grocery store where the florist and candy aisles were VERY busy!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day (whether you have a significant other or not) because any day that gives us a chance to remind the people in our lives that they are important to us is a good day in my book!

On Thursday, I attempted to make some Valentine’s Day fudge. My family has made fudge for years and I’ve even made it myself a few times (with my mom standing over my shoulder), but this was the first time I tried to make it completely on my own, no help from mom. I wish I could say that it turned out great, but in actuality, I failed….miserably. I thought fudge was easy enough to make, but it turns out that it is a very temperature-sensitive recipe and if you don’t get it just right well…now I know what happens. It was frustrating at the time, but I had a good laugh about it later. I’ve inherited a lot of great qualities from my mom, but her cooking/baking skills are certainly not among them.

My Valentine’s plans were not a total flop because I got to try out a great new restaurant! I was driving down 99th street one day and noticed a new restaurant had popped up. After further research, I determined that it was a new Irish Pub called Porter and Cullens. We selected this restaurant for our Valentine’s Day dinner (which actually occurred on February 13th to avoid the crowds) and we were pleasantly surprised. The restaurant is quaint and decorated in modern pub style. The food was delicious! Its just a minute or two from campus, in fact, you could probably walk there on a nice day. So I’ll include the link to their website for anyone that wants more details.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Midterm Stress, Life Crisis, & My Struggles

As we dive into the second week of February, we are quickly approaching mid-terms. Because there are no definite dates for mid-terms like there are for finals, teachers have the liberty to assign or not assign exams, projects, papers, etc.

As a criminal justice major, our teachers like to throw books at us. HAHA! We read chapters and chapters of tons of different books for one week of classes. Luckily they are also the most interesting classes that are offered at Saint Xavier. I am so in love with my major. It makes me wonder why I didn’t switch earlier or start off as a criminal justice major. The hardest class I have to take this semester is Criminology, or crime theories. This class requires so much from you and it doesn’t help that I’m taking 18 credit hours.

Live a happy life.

Live a happy life.

I continue to struggle with time management and study skills and a bunch of other things. Although I can’t complain about how bad I have it I know, it’s just something I’ll have to keep working at. I also work on campus and my schedule is not pretty. I cannot sleep anymore. I’m up as early as 5:30am almost everyday and go to bed as late as 1am almost everyday. Being a commuter is hard, but so is life. So I suck it up. LOL

It will all be okay.

It will all be okay.

Life at home isn’t always the best either. I have 3 siblings, 1 younger sister and 2 little brothers. I may share a room with my sister, who is a senior in high school, but we don’t talk to all. We just do our own thing. My two little brothers stress me out! They listen to YouTube videos on their tablets for hours at full volume. My parents aren’t always there for me when I wish I had someone to talk to. They are busy with the kids or not at home. I usually turn to Michael for support (but even boyfriends can be a handful).

With so many things constantly trying to pull you down, you have to remember to stay positive and keep your head up. God will get you through whatever he has planned for you. Pray and have faith.

10 scientific ways on how to be happy

10 scientific ways on how to be happy

Just Want to Stay in Bed..

Hey everyone, how many of you have had those nights where when finally get to sleep, and all you can do is toss and turn in your bed, and no matter what you can’t get in that comfy sleep spot? To only follow with in the morning by having your alarm wake you up.. And the idea of getting up, may actually bring you to tears, because you finally got that comfy spot? This was me, everyday this past week. It didn’t exactly help that I felt miserable this week.. But after a weekend of plenty of power naps in addition to tons of hours studying and doing homework, I am glad to say that I am healthy once again! (Because doesn’t my bed just look so comfy?!)

Which is greaIMG_1127t because this coming up week has a lot going on! Tomorrow (Monday) I have the bread truck, which I am so excited about because this will be my first time for this semester! This week MSJP will also be working on the wall of love, which everyone should stop by the table in the cafeteria this week and learn more about it and you would be able to express what love is in your life! And what better way to express love, than to go to Broadview Deportation Center this Friday morning at 6a.m.? For those of you are interested; go! We leave Regina Hall at 6:15, and it’s worth it. So, go. (This is a picture from my first time at Broadview.)

If you have somehow forgotten, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day, now because my boyfriend’s family is going to be in the area, he knows of my plans or whLots-of-Hearts_www_FullHDWpp_com_-728x409at his gifts are… One of my gifts is a mug with all our favorite songs over the years that I am still working on, but hopefully it will be done by the deadline? In addition to going out to one of our favorite places for dinner, my mouth is already watering for next week… And his last gift (even though it is not Valentines weekend) is the following Friday we will be getting to see the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra at Orchestra Hall which we are both so excited about! (It still counts as a Valentines gift even if it is not on Valentines!) So even though he knows most of this plan, it shall still be wonderful hopefully! And if not, oh well at least I get food out of it right?

Well, everyone, I wish you all good luck for this week and hope you get through the week! Something to think about this week: A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.- Frank Morgan. Have a good week!