Everyone is Holding Hands

wall of looeI hope everyone had a great week! This week was a busy week! Everyone wrote on the hall of love this week and it was so great to see everyone write what they loved, who brought them love, and what love means to them. Love is such a powerful, amazing thing, but I’m just not that into Valentines, but as many of you know, I tried this year. So maybe a few of you wondered how it played out?

To begin with, I got cupa cute stuffed puppy, a whole lot of chocolate, and a beautiful necklace. While I made him a cup! And it turned out to be pretty awesome! Once we did gifts, the search for food started! Our favorite restaurant in the world wouldn’t take reservations on Valentine’s Day. So my boyfriend and I decided to just wait it out, right? Wouldn’t be that long? It was. The line was to the door, and people were going on an hour wait, of course at that time, we were hungry. Really hungry. The idea of possibly waiting another hour was not okapastay, especially with just the smell of our favorite restaurant from the back door. It was not fair. So we walked another two blocks, disappointment filling our stomachs. Neither of us could think of anything else that this oeneven sounded good. We turned another corner and saw the La Macchina, a cute little Italian restaurant that one of Jon’s TAs said we had to try, so we thought, what have we got to lose? So we went in, got a cute little table lit dinner, and it was the best Italian food of my life. Even now, a day later, my mouth is watering… We had chocolate covered strawberries and Lemon Sorbet. It was amazing. So it may have been my third Valentines with my boyfriend but my first time actually celebrating it, and it was fun. But, we both realized that we didn’t really like Valentines, even though we did have fun, it’s just not our thing. I want to get to have fun dates just because, I don’t want to hold hands because I am supposed to. So yeah, we tried Valentine’s Day, we kind of liked it, but it wasn’t really us.

This Monday I was abFood Truck Picturele to do the Bread Truck and it was great. I got one of my best friend’s Jerry to join me! I also got to know one of the girls who will be joining me on my serve trip next month to Mississippi which only made me more excited because she is awesome! Email Tom at tcook@sxu.edu if you would like to go and help the hungry people of Chicago!Ireland

This Tuesday I joined my roommate Brittany at the traditional Irish music concert by the Dirty Wellies! It was a fun and great concert! Lots of fun to listen to! And they all had so many beautiful accents that were so pretty! They played so well! But no Grandpa or Mom, I do not want to play the fiddle, so please don’t start again. But please people! Look them up!

I would also like to apeacepologize, I made a mistake! I thought that Broadview Deportation was last Friday, but i’ts actually this upcoming Friday! So this Friday it is happening, so please attend! We will be leaving at 6:15 am from Regina Hall so please attend! Also MSPJ will be hosting a movie night this week about immigration so look out for all of the flyers! Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading!

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