Just Want to Stay in Bed..

Hey everyone, how many of you have had those nights where when finally get to sleep, and all you can do is toss and turn in your bed, and no matter what you can’t get in that comfy sleep spot? To only follow with in the morning by having your alarm wake you up.. And the idea of getting up, may actually bring you to tears, because you finally got that comfy spot? This was me, everyday this past week. It didn’t exactly help that I felt miserable this week.. But after a weekend of plenty of power naps in addition to tons of hours studying and doing homework, I am glad to say that I am healthy once again! (Because doesn’t my bed just look so comfy?!)

Which is greaIMG_1127t because this coming up week has a lot going on! Tomorrow (Monday) I have the bread truck, which I am so excited about because this will be my first time for this semester! This week MSJP will also be working on the wall of love, which everyone should stop by the table in the cafeteria this week and learn more about it and you would be able to express what love is in your life! And what better way to express love, than to go to Broadview Deportation Center this Friday morning at 6a.m.? For those of you are interested; go! We leave Regina Hall at 6:15, and it’s worth it. So, go. (This is a picture from my first time at Broadview.)

If you have somehow forgotten, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day, now because my boyfriend’s family is going to be in the area, he knows of my plans or whLots-of-Hearts_www_FullHDWpp_com_-728x409at his gifts are… One of my gifts is a mug with all our favorite songs over the years that I am still working on, but hopefully it will be done by the deadline? In addition to going out to one of our favorite places for dinner, my mouth is already watering for next week… And his last gift (even though it is not Valentines weekend) is the following Friday we will be getting to see the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra at Orchestra Hall which we are both so excited about! (It still counts as a Valentines gift even if it is not on Valentines!) So even though he knows most of this plan, it shall still be wonderful hopefully! And if not, oh well at least I get food out of it right?

Well, everyone, I wish you all good luck for this week and hope you get through the week! Something to think about this week: A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.- Frank Morgan. Have a good week! 

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