Weekend of Loveee

February has to be hands-down the most loved & hated month of the year. Why? Because of Valentine’s Day.

A few exciting things happened to me this month.

ipsy Bag - February

ipsy Bag – February

  1. I got my first ever ipsy bag – a monthly make-up subscription of only $10 (check it out! http://www.ipsy.com/r/2b771?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general)
  2. My first Valentine’s Day with Michael
  3. My professor unknowingly helped me figure out what I want to do with my life

I have a giant obsession with make-up :) and I gave up buying new make up for Lent :( but I know I can do it. I can use up the make-up I have already right? This is what I got in my ipsy bag this month.

My February ipsy bag.

My February ipsy bag.

For Valentine’s Micheal took me to Mike Ditka’s Restaurant. This guy is a former coach of the Chicago Bears. I had a filet mignon. OMG. BEST STEAK EVER HANDS DOWN!

VDay Dinner with Michael

VDay Dinner with Michael

I am a criminal justice major and this field is very board. I could do so many things…. My research methods teacher, Dr. Blair is the newest addition to the department and she is a great professor! I cannot say enough good things about her. Dr. Alderdan is my advisor and she is great too. Thanks to them. I want to become a criminal justice researcher. Ideally I would like to work with the Department of Child and Family Services. I am so blessed to have these two wonder professors in my life.

I am truly happy in this moment.

Blessings to you, SXU Community.

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