Enjoying Spring Break

1Hello everyone and I hope that you all enjoyed your much needed vacation from school for a week. It’s too bad that Spring Break is coming to an end, but we only have a couple of months until the semester is over. I enjoyed my break and just being able to relax, however now it’s back to working and going to classes to finish this semester over strong!

2This basically sums up what I was doing for most of my break. I got my homework out of the way and I stayed playing the XBox One for my whole break. It doesn’t sound exciting or interesting, but given the fact that I rarely ever play it through the semester, it was much needed. I guess sometimes it’s just the little things that makes us happy. I did enjoy the nice weather that we are having as well. I went out a few places with my friends to hangout and chill, as well as with my girlfriend. Overall, I really enjoyed my break along with getting some terrific news as well!

3I know that I have been sounding like a broken record when it came to me speaking on graduation, but I finally know when I am graduating now. I will be walking across the stage in May of this year, along with me taking one class in the Summer for a month to make it official. I am beyond excited! I have a lot of emotions just overflowing right now about me finally graduating from college. This is something that I have worked for, for a long time and it is finally coming to full circle. I am most definitely looking for a major job in my field of Communications and I am meeting up with the Dean of Communications to help with that process. It’s great that people have taken the time out to help me so that I can be set. I am truly thankful!

4With that being said, I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their break and are energized for the last couple of months of the semester to finish off on the right note. Have a great week as well!


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