Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great spring break! As my previous posts have been about me being excited about my service trip, I finally went on it. We left in the early hours of the morning to meet 10958008_936323116377777_51659184_oat the chapel, then to load up the car, and head out on our day of driving. Our car was driving to Mississippi, where we got to stay in Holly Springs at the Scared Heart House. Our group was pretty happy that we got the house to just our group because the Wall’s location, which is the main location, had many other groups. Our first full work day was Monday, where we worked on giving the deck rain protection and fixed the stairs. After we got this done it sta11035258_936860446324044_1369751294_orted to rain, which threw off our plan on working on the roof of the house, because there was another group working on the inside we were unable to do anything more without needing more supplies so we had our first southern meal! The food was all very good and the restaurant we went to had a small hometown field to it. After we finished eating we got to go exploring in the little town of Holly Springs which was a very old fashion southern town. All the meals that we had were made by our group, which for a bunch of college kids, I was pretty impressed with us! One of our group leaders Rob thought we would be eating ramen the whole time, but instead we had full out amazing meals. We all would help1061621_938384049505017_1167109535_n out on cooking, cleaning, setting up that it was never a problem! The second day was one of my favorites because we had to prepare to make food for the café, which was pretty much a soup kitchen but the state of Mississippi doesn’t allow soup kitchens, so it’s called a café. This was one of my favorite days because we got to talk to the committee members as we eat, and I found a little family who use to live a block away from me in Minnesota which I thought was pretty cool. How both of their children were born in the hospital that my dad currently works at, just brought everything they said to home. Getting to hear people’s stories about their lives, why they are in this little town, what they do to barely make money,11051435_937295079613914_2119065227_n it shows in their stories. For the following week we work at Ms. Diane Jones’ house working on cleaning, organizing, and making her home livable. Our group was only step one of the work on her house so we didn’t get to see the finished project, but just knowing that after day one, she cried from seeing how amazing the house had started to become will always be with me. One thing that I did learn from this experience was, service can be anything. A lot of times people go into it with a lot of expectations but really, you can’t. You can’t go in with the idea that you can fix all the problems, you can’t go in with the idea that you can help thousands. What you can do though, is go in with an open mind and do everything you can as best as you can. Because cleaning someone’s house may not change the world, but its helping one women have a better home.


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