Spring Break is Finally Here

1Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great week as always and are enjoying their weekend as well. Spring Break is finally upon us and it couldn’t get here fast enough! It gives us students and faculty for that matter, to re-energize the batteries for the final stretch run. I still cannot believe that we only have two months left in the semester. The way time is, it will surely fly by in no time. With that being said, I am hoping that this little Spring Break that we have goes by as slow as possible, to be honest.

2As I have stated in previous writings, I plan on doing some work that is school related. A little bit of reading, a little bit of studying and a lot of just relaxing! I have nowhere special in mind that I am going, but that is alright with me. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and the best place to gain a peace of mind is at your own place. The semester is definitely stressful at times, but you get that break, you can clear your head and get even stronger mentally.

3With that being said, I am about to continue to enjoy my break and I hope that you all do the same. Have a great week and weekend!

Spring Break is in a Week Huh?

One more week until spring break everyone! We got this! I am so excited! I get to go to Mississippi, Sacred Heart and serve those in the community. My group andbrit and 19 I are going to have an eleven hour car drive in a van! So we are going to get to know each other for sure! I am a little nervous about having enough manual strength but I have been working out more to improve my own strength so I think I will be able to work on the houses and everything else we will be doing!

This upcoming Tuesday is my lovely roommate’s birthday, she turns 19! This evening we had a somewhat surprise birthday party gen and britfor her, it was somewhat surprise because she knew she was going to have a party, but didn’t get to take part in the planning because it was her surprise! Overall, I would say that the party was a success! We had games, snacky food, pop and juice, and of course cake! It was a great time with great people!

Are you excited about the Spring Formal? It’s the Friday after Spring Break and it should be lovely! I just got my dress this Saturday and I am so excited to get to wear itbook. When I was on the L this weekend, this man saw that I was reading and asked me what I was reading, I told him it was the Republic, and he smiled because he claimed he that he had just finished reading it. He then went on to tell me that he had this book, and he thought I was the right kind of person to read it. So he handed me the book and asked me if I was interested, it was titled “how to change the world” by David Bornstein, he said went on to tell me that I could have it, and even if I did not finish it, or got tired of it, to pass it on the next right kind of person, I agreed. So who knows, maybe you will be the next person to read it after me?

Good luck this upcoming week everyone! Keep on pushing it! Almost at spring break!

Spring Break Just A Week Away

1Hello everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying you guys’ weekend and enjoyed a great past week. One more week until it is Spring Break at Saint Xavier University. It cannot come at a better time for myself and I’m pretty sure for the majority of the students as well. This break will allow us to re-energize our batteries a little bit. All we have to do is finish this week off strong and everything will be good to go for break.

2In an ideal world, for my entire Spring Break, I would just lounge around for the entire week and doing absolutely nothing. However, that will not be the case. I have an exam in my Physics class that I absolutely have to study for and the exam is as soon as I get back from break. I can also study and do some extra work for my math class as well. Being extremely proactive is what I will be for this upcoming break. There would be nothing more that I would like to do than play video games all break, but it’s just something that I cannot do!

3One thing that I am extremely excited about this break is the fact that I will have the opportunity to work on one of my best friend’s upcoming album. This is something that I have never done before, but it something that I have always been fascinated with. Just how much effort it takes to put together a complete album for the masses is something that I will love to witness. Fortunately for me, I will be a part of the process of the music and I will not take this opportunity for granted. This will most definitely be a humbling experience that I will cherish for sometime!

4With that being said, I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and the upcoming week ahead. Just remember that Spring Break is just a week away! Have a great week!

A Short Weekend Getaway

This weekend we celebrated my roommates 21st birthday! We really wanted to make it special so we planned to rent a hotel room downtown and enjoy the city for night.

We ended up staying at the beautiful Sheraton Chicago which overlooks the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The Sheraton is certainly a classy hotel. It has several restaurants and a bar within it and well as a gigantic ballroom, pool and fitness center. It’s definitely a splurge, but I would recommend it to anyone looking to get away for a weekend. The view from our room was amazing and we really enjoyed living in luxury…even if only for a night.


We continued our weekend with a birthday dinner at Cantina Loredo. Located on State Street, this restaurant is right in the middle of the action and serves unique Mexican cuisine and drinks. They make fresh guacamole table side and the ambiance is trendy but comfortable. Once again, a splurge, but worth it!


We ventured back to campus in the morning and after a long nap are getting ready to return to reality. Going to a school that is so close to a big city has its advantages!

With spring break only a week away, there’s so much work to complete in the next few days! I am more than ready for a break and some warmer weather for Chicago (fingers crossed)! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!