Spring Break 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome back! I took a short break from blogging because I was on spring break! This year, I was lucky enough to take my first ever spring break trip. Traveling is rather expensive so I’ve stayed home during my spring every other year.

As you might remember, I turned 21 in October. My mom, sister and brother-in-law were very generous and decided to pay for a trip to Las Vegas over break. I traveled with my two sisters and a couple friends and I am really excited to blog about everything I experienced.

It was my first plane ride in about 8 years so I was pretty nervous. Luckily, the flight from Chicago to Vegas is only about three hours. We left early in the morning from Midway airport and breezed right through check in and security. It was WAY easier than I anticipated. This experience will probably make me more likely to travel again soon.


We were there for four days and tried to pack in as much fun as we could. We stayed at the Mirage hotel and casino on the Vegas strip. We spent our first day eating delicious food from restaurants in our hotel and laying by the pool. That night, we went to see Cirque Du Soliel’s Love, which is an acrobatic show set the music of the Beatles. The show was absolutely astonishing and was perhaps the highlight of my trip. I can’t wait to see Cirque again!

The following day was spent poolside once again and then we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a popular Mexican restaurant on the strip called Chayo. Afterwards, we walked the rest of strip and I got to witness the Bellagio fountains for the first time. It was incredible!



On our last day we shopped at the Venetian and then toured Madame Toussad’s Wax Museum. The wax statues were eerily life-like, we had a blast taking pictures with our favorite wax celebrities!

I am a somewhat reserved person so I wasn’t expecting to love Las Vegas as much as I did. It is a lively town so if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, I would consider going somewhere else. But, I do firmly believe that visiting Las Vegas is something everyone needs to do at least once in their lifetime. Viva Las Vegas!

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