Its coming to an End

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week, now that this school year is coming to an end, it’s weird to think about how much I have changed… Now, I don’t think the change is bad, but I have noticed that I am different, I think this is true for many freshmen though. For many of us, this is our first time truly being independent from our parents. For me, at home I had many responsibilities, but me going away to college is my first time being responsible for only myself. It’s a weird feeling, being the oldest of four awesome siblings and not seeing them on a daily basis. Although I don’t get to see or talk to my siblings as much as I use to when I was living with them, it has reminded me how valuable our time is together, which is why I am excited about this summer. One nice thing about this year is how close I have gotten to my dad. Since I have been in college, I call him at a daily basis. Sorry mom, I swear I love you, you are just busy every time I call. Next year’s goal?

running blog

So my friend Briana and I have started the 6 week 5k and 10k running program, we started last week and it has taken my workout to the next level. In high school, I was ran varsity track, and I have missed running so much that it feels good to be back. This summer, in addition to taking summer classes, I am going to be working on running in my daily work out.

miguel and i blog

This past Friday evening, Miguel had his senior presentation. Well he did an amazing job! I have now learned about how likely it is to get a musical injury… From his presentation, I learned that the pain in my hands and wrist may possibly be carpal tunnel and/or tendonitis… First off, I would like to say that I thought the soreness, the numbness in my fingers, cramping was normal. Secondly, I will start warming up and using the tips that Miguel gave us. He has also given me hand exercises that will help! And lastly, I will be talking to my private teacher about it because now I know that pain is abnormal… So thanks Miguel!

girls and i at feild blog

sorry mn blog

On Saturday, Minnesota heard that I was going to be going to the White Sox’s game with Student Ambassadors and sent rain to Chicago. So much rain that it cancelled the game. I’m sorry Minnesota. I truly am. So once we found out that the game was cancelled, we decided to go to the Field Museum and it was so awesome! First off, it’s the museum from the Night of the Museum, which I thought was really cool because I loved the movies and have seen them so

jon and i at field blog

many times because of my siblings. It was an awesome day with awesome people, so even though the rain cancelled the game, it was still a great day. So good luck to everyone on their last week of classes and finals the following week!


Summer… Here I Come!

Hi everyone,

 Well, there is nothing all that exciting going on in my life right now other than preparation for finals and move out day. We are heading into our last week of classes and then finals will be upon us. As it stands right now, I don’t have any final exams per say. But, I do have to create a website, give three presentations, complete a final research assignment and craft my senior project proposal all within the next two weeks (in creating that list I realized how much I actually have to do). That is the life of a communication major! It is going to be a busy week!

 I plan to spend whatever spare time I have getting my room packed up (which is no easy task) and spending some quality time with my friends since we’ll be parting ways for the summer. I am also looking forward to attending the Scarlet and Gray awards this Tuesday. At this awards ceremony, Saint Xavier honors outstanding student leaders and student organizations. Although I am not receiving an award, I am honored to be invited. I have attended the ceremony for the past two years and it’s always a nice evening and delicious meal. I plan to have a few pictures from that to post to the blog next week.

Some of the things getting me through this busy and stressful time are thoughts of being home with my family for an extended period of time, warm weather, seeing my friends from home and returning to my summer job. I am lucky enough to have a summer job that has brought me some really great friends and memories over the past few years so it’s always a pleasure and a nice change of pace returning there.

One of my family's favorite beaches in Michigan

One of my family’s favorite beaches in Michigan

That’s all for now folks! I am wishing the best of luck to all college students preparing for the last few weeks of the semester. I hope everyone’s hard work pays off!

Finals Week Approaching

1Hello everyone, I hope that you all enjoyed your past week and are enjoying the weekend as well! It is pretty hard to imagine that this is the last full week of classes before Finals Week. In translation, that means that it is time to start pulling all nighters and cram in as much information as we possibly can to do extremely well once finals roll around next week.

2Thank goodness that I only have two finals during finals week. I had three classes in total and I am done with one of them for the semester. It’s hard to believe that the one class that I was skeptical about taking, was the one class that has taught me so much and I am grateful that I enrolled in the course. The class, which is called, Invention of Race, showed me things and gave me a new outlook on how everything and everybody is more alike than we all realize.

3It is hard to fathom that we all are so similar to one another. I learned that just because somebody is the same race as you, doesn’t mean that you all will have similar interests. You might have similar interests with someone that is of a completely different race from you. I believe that once we all began to realize that, as a society, we all will be in a much better place mentally, physically and emotionally because of it.

4The professor for the class was Dr. Ward. He is taking a leave of absence to pursue other interests and I hope it all works out for him in the end. He is a great teacher and we all can learn from him in some form. He and his family are starting their own program/college for people trying to better themselves and you cannot fault someone for that. I hope it all works out.

5With that being said, I hope that everyone has a great last full week of classes ahead and don’t stress yourself out too much with finals. It’ll all work out for each of us in the end. Enjoy the rest of your weekend as well.

First Time Adventures

For the past couple of weeks I have been having a lot of first time experiences. I went to my first baseball game, celebrated my cousin’s quincenera, and I met my aunt from New York for the first time.

Michael got free Cubs tickets through a volunteer program that he is part of. We went to see them on a Tuesday night. It was so much fun! I got an Italian beef from Al’s for the first time and paid for overpriced snacks at the game. Snapchat also had cool filters!

First Cubs Game & They Won!

First Cubs Game & They Won!

When I turned 15, I really wanted a big party but I didn’t get one. I’ve only been to one other quince, which was a friend’s. Recently, I went to my cousin’s quince. During the photo slide show, surprisingly, there was a picture of my sister and I with my cousin during her birthday as young and innocent kids. I would be lying if I said I didn’t start crying.

A picture of my sister, myself, and our cousin at her birthday party as kids.

A picture of my sister, myself, and our cousin at her birthday party as kids.

My cousin & I at her Quince

My cousin & I at her Quince

I had family from New York come in but I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately.

While roaming downtown, we also went to Draft Town and it was so much fun! I had one of the best cheese fries I have ever tasted!

Football Helmets on Michigan Ave for Draft Town

Football Helmets on Michigan Ave for Draft Town

This year has definitely been one of the best in terms of really going out and enjoying what the world has to offer. As the semester comes to a close, the feeling is bittersweet.

Two Weeks In Counting

1Hello everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful week thus far and enjoyed your past weekend as well. The semester is coming to an end and it feels as though there is so much stuff to do and so little time to do it all. That’s how it always is though! We wish for the semester to end practically everyday and once those months turn into weeks and the weeks turn into days, most of us are left scrambling around, wishing that there were more days left in the semester.

2It’s been such a busy week, especially with getting ready for graduation. Trying to find the right thing to wear for such an important occasion is never easy and tiresome. This past Saturday, I had to travel to about three to four different stores just to find something to wear and I’m still not done yet! It will all be worth it in the end though, since graduation is one of those days were you want to dress to impress. There will be a lot of pictures be taken at the ceremony, some even frame worthy!

3Speaking of pictures, Saint Xavier University wants to see your best picture if you’re a senior! There’s a contest that is being conducted via Instagram, that grad/undergrad seniors are encouraged to participate in. We want to see your photo that best describes your time at SXU. Accompanied with your picture should be a five word caption along with the hashtag #SXUstories. The grand prize will be a diploma frame (valued at $150) and a chance to be featured in the upcoming. This is an opportunity that I’m sure very few of us don’t want to miss!

4With that being said, I’m off to go do some more last minute homework to finish this semester strong. I hope that you all enjoy the rest of your week.

Downtown Features

This past week has been a longgg yet fun week because I spent it downtown! Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. There are some fun things to do here.

1. Dylan’s Candy Bar! It is right off of Michigan Ave and Illinois (445 N Michigan Ave). It is pretty awesome and has a lot of great candy! It’s a two floor candy shop and you can customize just about anything.

Lolipop Tree!

Giant Gummy Bears!

Lollipop Tree!

2. Nike Chicago! I just got new running shoes and I feel so cool! Haha Michael and I went downtown to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and I got to pick out new shoes. I originally wanted the Nike Air Max 90′s but I got the Thea’s instead :/ I didn’t like them (HA!) so I went to exchange them and got my running shoes. I did so just in time, though, because the SXU Shannon Center has a 5K/10K training program and I am trying to do that!

3. Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe! OMG! We recently discovered this cafe and it is sooo good! It is like Oak Lawn’s Stacked but better! Haha. It is both healthy and fast. You can order your food and within 10 minutes, they will have your food ready. I took a picture but misplaced it. I totally recommend it, though!

Lastly, congrats to the Graduating Class of 2015! Everyone else, we have 2 weeks left until break! Keep your head up, pray, and apply yourself. We can do it! Good Luck!

The End is Near

miguel and iI hope everyone had a great week, for me it’s been filling up with the quizzes, tests, and papers for the last couple of weeks. This Saturday was my last concert with the amazing Miguel Esquinca that everyone so dearly loves, for me, he has been my ray of sunshine in orchestra. He honestly has been such an amazing support system for myself as I transition into college, I can’t imagine college without him next year, but I also know that he is going to do so many amazing things in life, and I feel so honored to have been given the opportunity to have got to know him this year. From waxing parties to orchestra he has always been a blast, and he has been such a blessing in my life.

This Thursday evening I had my first RPM/PM (Resident Peer Minister/ Peer Minister) meeting and I am so excited for this upcoming summer and fall to get to participate with such an amazing group of Peer Ministers and feel so honored to be part of the lovely group all lookingthis group.

This evening I had the honor of getting to sit with Mike Sennett’s family for his confirmation at mass in the Chapel. For me, my confirmation is how I answered so many of my own questions that I had about my own faith, it is what allowed me to deepen my faith. Getting to see Mike enter the Catholic Church as an adult just felt powerful. I know how excited he was to take this step in his faith and I was proud to get to witness this moment in his life.

I hope everyone has a lovely week and that everyone knows that starting tomorrow we have 19 more days of school left!  

Quick Packing Tips

Welcome back,

As I am sure SXU students know, (because we are diligently counting down the days) finals week is just a short two weeks away! This semester seemed like it was dragging on and flying by all at the same time. But alas, we’re almost to the end!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a resident student at SXU so with summer comes another transition for me, moving back home! Because of my major, my finals are mostly papers and projects so I won’t be doing much studying, just a lot of work. Because I have to be packed up and out of my room sometime during finals week, I have the added stress of fitting my life back into suitcases and boxes once more, cramming it into my car, and driving it home once again. This will be my sixth time moving (twice per year) so I can do it relatively fast, but I’ve come up with some good strategies over the last few years.


Because I live close to home I can, bring stuff home a little at a time. I live close enough that I am able to drive home on the weekends if I choose. So during the couple of weekends prior to finals week, I’ll pack up my car with some non-essentials (winter clothes, room decorations, extra supplies, tv) and bring them home so it’s not as overwhelming come finals week.

Crates, bins, boxes and more crates! – I have several large plastic bins that I pack stuff in. I’ve found that having a lot of loose items makes fitting everything in your car a lot more difficult. In addition, if everything is in a nice little bin, it will be easy to find it once you need it again in August.

Be critical about what goes home with you – At this point in the year, I take a good, hard look at all of my belongings. If I didn’t use it, wear it, or need it in the past year, it’s time to get rid of it! Chances are, if you didn’t need it all this year, you won’t need it next year either. Don’t waste time and energy packing it, traveling with it, and storing it for an entire summer.

I hope these quick tips help anyone who’s experiencing some pre-packing stress! Good luck to everyone in the next few weeks!

Spring is just Lovely

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great weekend, something about spring just lets everyone be in a good mood, doesn’t it? I love seeing the green and flowers blooming all around campus, it’s just so beautiful! And now I can finally say that I like the Chicago wind! It just makes spring feel so much more alive. jons formal 15

So, this past week was a pretty average week in my classes, a lot of projects and discussions about the last month of our classes, which gives me hope that the end is near and to keep swimming! On Friday, I got to go to my boyfriend’s I.S.P. (Integrated Sciences Program) formal, and even though it was on the Odyssey like our spring formal had been weeks ago, it was still very different! Overall, I am happy I got to go and it was a lovely time!

This upcoming Saturday is going to be the final Orchestra Concert at the Beverly Arts Center at 1:00 p.m. everyone should attend because this is going to be our senior’s last performances before they grajust keep swimmingduate! And this sadly includes Miguel, which just makes me so sad to think he will be leaving me so soon… To attend the concert, general admission is $6, for senior citizens and military, it is $5. For current and prospective students, and SXU Faculty/ Staff it is free.

I hope everyone has a great week and can attend the orchestra concert! Keep swimming, less than a month left!

My Advice for Upcoming Juniors

I’ve found that every year of college brings new challenges, new lessons and is overall a completely different experience. I have officially planned out my courses for the next two semesters and have determined that I will graduate in May of 2016. I am very pleased that I am on track to complete my major after four years because I know that is a difficult thing to do nowadays and the price of tuition surely isn’t going down. So this means next year I will embark on the final chapter of my college journey, my senior year!

I thought I would use this post to share some of the things I’ve experienced and learned this year with the hope of giving some peace of mind to those that will be in my place next year.

1. Plan your courses carefully  - By this time you should be finished (or nearly finished) with your general education courses. Up until this point, graduation seemed far off and I just kind of assumed I would complete everything in four years. I learned during my junior year that it’s important to plan carefully and make the best of each semester. If you still have a few gen eds left to go, look for classes that fulfill more than one requirement or consider taking a summer or online course. You don’t want a few credits to be the difference between graduating in 4 years and graduating in 4 and a half years.

2. Look for internships or jobs that will give you some good experience – Its never too early to start building your resume. I know that a lot of internships are unpaid so it can be unappealing to spend your scarce free time working for no money. Consider finding a paid job that has some relation to your future career or major. For example, my sister is an elementary education major and over the summer she is a camp counselor. She gets experience working with and teaching kids while still earning the money she needs for books, food and other expenses.

3. Remember that you’re still young – With the ever-growing pressure to determine your life’s path, it’s easy to get stuck in a serious state of mind. You’re in your early twenties. It’s ok to not have everything figured out and it’s also ok to have fun and act like a kid every once in a while. You won’t always have that freedom so take advantage of it now!

On that note, I hope everyone has a great week. Four more weeks to go!