Its coming to an End

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week, now that this school year is coming to an end, it’s weird to think about how much I have changed… Now, I don’t think the change is bad, but I have noticed that I am different, I think this is true for many freshmen though. For many of us, this is our first time truly being independent from our parents. For me, at home I had many responsibilities, but me going away to college is my first time being responsible for only myself. It’s a weird feeling, being the oldest of four awesome siblings and not seeing them on a daily basis. Although I don’t get to see or talk to my siblings as much as I use to when I was living with them, it has reminded me how valuable our time is together, which is why I am excited about this summer. One nice thing about this year is how close I have gotten to my dad. Since I have been in college, I call him at a daily basis. Sorry mom, I swear I love you, you are just busy every time I call. Next year’s goal?

running blog

So my friend Briana and I have started the 6 week 5k and 10k running program, we started last week and it has taken my workout to the next level. In high school, I was ran varsity track, and I have missed running so much that it feels good to be back. This summer, in addition to taking summer classes, I am going to be working on running in my daily work out.

miguel and i blog

This past Friday evening, Miguel had his senior presentation. Well he did an amazing job! I have now learned about how likely it is to get a musical injury… From his presentation, I learned that the pain in my hands and wrist may possibly be carpal tunnel and/or tendonitis… First off, I would like to say that I thought the soreness, the numbness in my fingers, cramping was normal. Secondly, I will start warming up and using the tips that Miguel gave us. He has also given me hand exercises that will help! And lastly, I will be talking to my private teacher about it because now I know that pain is abnormal… So thanks Miguel!

girls and i at feild blog

sorry mn blog

On Saturday, Minnesota heard that I was going to be going to the White Sox’s game with Student Ambassadors and sent rain to Chicago. So much rain that it cancelled the game. I’m sorry Minnesota. I truly am. So once we found out that the game was cancelled, we decided to go to the Field Museum and it was so awesome! First off, it’s the museum from the Night of the Museum, which I thought was really cool because I loved the movies and have seen them so

jon and i at field blog

many times because of my siblings. It was an awesome day with awesome people, so even though the rain cancelled the game, it was still a great day. So good luck to everyone on their last week of classes and finals the following week!


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