My Advice for Upcoming Juniors

I’ve found that every year of college brings new challenges, new lessons and is overall a completely different experience. I have officially planned out my courses for the next two semesters and have determined that I will graduate in May of 2016. I am very pleased that I am on track to complete my major after four years because I know that is a difficult thing to do nowadays and the price of tuition surely isn’t going down. So this means next year I will embark on the final chapter of my college journey, my senior year!

I thought I would use this post to share some of the things I’ve experienced and learned this year with the hope of giving some peace of mind to those that will be in my place next year.

1. Plan your courses carefully  - By this time you should be finished (or nearly finished) with your general education courses. Up until this point, graduation seemed far off and I just kind of assumed I would complete everything in four years. I learned during my junior year that it’s important to plan carefully and make the best of each semester. If you still have a few gen eds left to go, look for classes that fulfill more than one requirement or consider taking a summer or online course. You don’t want a few credits to be the difference between graduating in 4 years and graduating in 4 and a half years.

2. Look for internships or jobs that will give you some good experience – Its never too early to start building your resume. I know that a lot of internships are unpaid so it can be unappealing to spend your scarce free time working for no money. Consider finding a paid job that has some relation to your future career or major. For example, my sister is an elementary education major and over the summer she is a camp counselor. She gets experience working with and teaching kids while still earning the money she needs for books, food and other expenses.

3. Remember that you’re still young – With the ever-growing pressure to determine your life’s path, it’s easy to get stuck in a serious state of mind. You’re in your early twenties. It’s ok to not have everything figured out and it’s also ok to have fun and act like a kid every once in a while. You won’t always have that freedom so take advantage of it now!

On that note, I hope everyone has a great week. Four more weeks to go!

About Bridget Goedke

Hi everyone! I am currently a Senior communication major at Saint Xavier University! This is my second year blogging for the Cougar Diaries and I am very excited to continue sharing my story! I tend to blog a lot about my classes, happenings in and around SXU, my relationship with my identical twin sister, my family and friends and anything that I can't seem to get out of my head! I am graduating in May and preparing myself for life outside of SXU. So I invite you to join me as I embark on the final lap of my college career!

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