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As I am sure SXU students know, (because we are diligently counting down the days) finals week is just a short two weeks away! This semester seemed like it was dragging on and flying by all at the same time. But alas, we’re almost to the end!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a resident student at SXU so with summer comes another transition for me, moving back home! Because of my major, my finals are mostly papers and projects so I won’t be doing much studying, just a lot of work. Because I have to be packed up and out of my room sometime during finals week, I have the added stress of fitting my life back into suitcases and boxes once more, cramming it into my car, and driving it home once again. This will be my sixth time moving (twice per year) so I can do it relatively fast, but I’ve come up with some good strategies over the last few years.


Because I live close to home I can, bring stuff home a little at a time. I live close enough that I am able to drive home on the weekends if I choose. So during the couple of weekends prior to finals week, I’ll pack up my car with some non-essentials (winter clothes, room decorations, extra supplies, tv) and bring them home so it’s not as overwhelming come finals week.

Crates, bins, boxes and more crates! – I have several large plastic bins that I pack stuff in. I’ve found that having a lot of loose items makes fitting everything in your car a lot more difficult. In addition, if everything is in a nice little bin, it will be easy to find it once you need it again in August.

Be critical about what goes home with you – At this point in the year, I take a good, hard look at all of my belongings. If I didn’t use it, wear it, or need it in the past year, it’s time to get rid of it! Chances are, if you didn’t need it all this year, you won’t need it next year either. Don’t waste time and energy packing it, traveling with it, and storing it for an entire summer.

I hope these quick tips help anyone who’s experiencing some pre-packing stress! Good luck to everyone in the next few weeks!

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Hi everyone! I am currently a Senior communication major at Saint Xavier University! This is my second year blogging for the Cougar Diaries and I am very excited to continue sharing my story! I tend to blog a lot about my classes, happenings in and around SXU, my relationship with my identical twin sister, my family and friends and anything that I can't seem to get out of my head! I am graduating in May and preparing myself for life outside of SXU. So I invite you to join me as I embark on the final lap of my college career!

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