The End is Near

miguel and iI hope everyone had a great week, for me it’s been filling up with the quizzes, tests, and papers for the last couple of weeks. This Saturday was my last concert with the amazing Miguel Esquinca that everyone so dearly loves, for me, he has been my ray of sunshine in orchestra. He honestly has been such an amazing support system for myself as I transition into college, I can’t imagine college without him next year, but I also know that he is going to do so many amazing things in life, and I feel so honored to have been given the opportunity to have got to know him this year. From waxing parties to orchestra he has always been a blast, and he has been such a blessing in my life.

This Thursday evening I had my first RPM/PM (Resident Peer Minister/ Peer Minister) meeting and I am so excited for this upcoming summer and fall to get to participate with such an amazing group of Peer Ministers and feel so honored to be part of the lovely group all lookingthis group.

This evening I had the honor of getting to sit with Mike Sennett’s family for his confirmation at mass in the Chapel. For me, my confirmation is how I answered so many of my own questions that I had about my own faith, it is what allowed me to deepen my faith. Getting to see Mike enter the Catholic Church as an adult just felt powerful. I know how excited he was to take this step in his faith and I was proud to get to witness this moment in his life.

I hope everyone has a lovely week and that everyone knows that starting tomorrow we have 19 more days of school left!  

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