Homecoming Celebrations


This Homecoming weekend was one to put in the books. My weekend was packed with things to do, and I’ve made so many great memories.


I started my weekend off with going to the Heritage Ball with my roommate Addie on Friday. It was so nice to dress up. It was a much needed change from the t-shirt and jeans I normally wear. Dressed to the nines, Addie and I, with the rest of the Heritage Ball guests made our way to the Chicago History Museum. I wanted to go to this museum for a few months now, so I was very excited when I heard that the dance would be held at the museum. When we arrived, we walked around the museum and then made our way to the banquet where we grabbed a bite to eat and joined our friends on the dance floor.


Saturday I woke up bright and early to cheer on some friends that were participating in the Cougar 5k. I am not a runner, so kudos to all the runners out there! I admire your athleticism! I spent the rest of my Saturday tailgating and watching the Cougars win against Sienna Heights University. This was my first football game of the year. I am not a big fan of football but I am so glad I went to this game. As a senior this is one of the last times I will see the Cougars play as a student at SXU.

This was a great weekend; may next weekend be just as fun!



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