Busy Bees!

cupsHello everyone! So this past week has been crazy busy! From different student board meetings to classes, a lot was happening! On Thursday I attended Valencia’s event of “Lets mug it out” in Regina which was decorating a coffee mug! So, of course, I attended because coffee is life. Seriously though, how do people wake up and function without coffee? (Yes I know that I am completely and utterly a coffee addict).

One really exciting thing that happened this week was Open Mic, hosted by MSPJ! Open Mic is kind of like a talent show where students get to show off what they got! This was my first full show that I got to see while also hosting! It amazed me to see all of the great things students could do! We also had a fanatic turn out and a great atmosphere!

This Sunday we also had open house for future SXU Cougarschamp and i which is always fun but busy! It’s a packed day for students and even more so for student ambassador’s staff; it’s always amazing to me how everything goes to plan!

A lot is happening this upcoming week!!

On Monday from 11-2 in the cafeteria, there will be information about different Spring Break Service Trips. I will for sure be there after my 11am class because Spring Break Service Trips are the best way to spend Spring Break.

On Monday 3-5pm I’ll be in the student lounge helping my transition students understand how to register!

Also on Monday SXU Improv Club Presents: “It’s the Great Improv Show, SXU!” at 9:16 PM in McGuire Hall.

On Wednesday at 3pm, RPM Kathy, PM Marcelino, and I will have our event for “Walk for Peace” which will begin in the student lounge where we will do an extremely short walk and talk about violence in our world and what we can do about it!

Later that evening, SXC Presents: Hocus Pocus Movie on Wednesday, at 7pm in Butler Reception Room

And on Thursday the RHA Halloween Bash at 8 PM in Regina Res Center.

As you can see, a whole lot is happening this week! And realistically I am missing something else that is happening on campus as well! But my goal is to participate as much as I can while still completing my homework and studying! Have a great week!!!! (I’m pretty sure mine is going to be wonderful.)


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