Improv Club Show!

You know, acting is one of the greatest things I’ve ever discovered throughout my entire life. I’m no Hollywood star, but thanks to Improv Club here at Saint Xavier, it helps me get out of my comfort zone and get to try new things by being put in silly scenarios and making something up on the spot or as I go along with the scene. It helps you think quickly and act as fast as you can to make sure the show goes on. Speaking of show, the first Improv show is this Monday. Details are in the poster below. Y’all should totally come out and have some fun with the Improv Club as we have some great laughs together and just have a great time over all. Don’t miss out!


About Francisco Torres

Just your average metal-head who reads comics books and plays video games. I love being alone, but I love talking and initiating conversations with others. There's a lot of things that I still don't know about myself, but I'm willing to go on journey to discover what those things are.

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