Midterm Week and Some Fun!


maya and i day 1Hey everyone! So this week has felt like an extremely long week! Not only did I have midterms, but my sister Maya (the eighteen-year-old) came to visit during her teacher workshop days as she looked at colleges here in Chicago! It was really good to see her after not seeing her since the beginning of August when UHS (University Housing Staff) moved in for training. So that was really nice! She also came to visit me during the second busiest week of the school year, midterms. You can probably come to the conclusion that it was a stressful time! It wasn’t until Friday morning at 11 a.m. when I was skipping through Regina Hall after finishing my history midterm that (Maya claims) I was much more enjoyable to be around.  And in all honestly, I can see what she meant because I felt way more relaxed because, well, midterm exams were finished.

In the stress of midterms, I did attended Thursday’s lecture of “Mercy in the City” led by Kerry Weber, an editor of America. It was a great presentation that focused on how one can actively be involved in mercy and the corporal works of Mercy on a daily basis. Through her presentation she talked about her book Mercy in the City: How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, While Keeping Your Day Job which included details of her being in the Mercy Volunteer Corps and later being a Mercy Associate. Overall, it was a fantastic presentation of how we all can do simple actions in our lives no matter the career to perform mercy to those around us.

One thing that I realized as I was taking my sister to different universities around Chicago was how happy and truly lucky I am for finding Saint Xavier two years ago. Maybe it’s because of how we were founded from the Sisters of Mercy or that we just care about our surroundings or maybe I just got lucky, but I haven’t heard of any other university that is so focused on service, on the poor, and on those in need. I know it’s hard to get that in an hour tour elsewhere or even talking to other students, but going on tours at other universities makes me realize not just how awesome our tours are, but how we try so hard to make the tours personal. So yay, SXU!

On Friday evening, I took my sister Maya and my boyfriend Jon to go see The Bad Plush by Joshua Redman at Symphony Center.

maya and concertThey are a contemporary jazz group that brought Maya to tears, which to her was an amazing experience! She completely loved them, which is good because Jon and I went for her in reality. Jon and I did find them to be really good, but being cellists and finding classical music to be more our thing, we weren’t brought to tears or experienced having deep insight into the meaning of life like Maya did. Overall, I’m really happy that we went because it made Maya so happy to see them!

After that late night, on Saturday a group of us went downtown exploring and saw the new Maggie Daley Park by Millennium Park and had a blast exploring, drinking coffee and shopping! We had lovely weather and just had a blast! I am happy that was how we spent Maya’s last full day in Chicago! downtown with the girlsToday is Sunday, Maya heads back to Minnesota and I am trying to get up-to-speed on homework and papers that are due this upcoming week!

I wish everyone good luck this week!



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