New Season, New Challenges, New Opportunities!

Well, another week of my Senior year is in the books and it’s finally starting to feel like fall on campus! There was a chill in the air towards the end of this week and it’s starting to hit me that my walks to class are going to be getting a lot colder. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but I am not sure I am ready to face the bitter cold that follows. It has also occurred to me that since I’ve moved to the Saint Xavier apartments, my walk is much, much longer. SXU does offer a shuttle service that picks apartment residents up and brings them to campus and I do utilize that quite often, but I’ve found that sometimes it isn’t as reliable as one might hope and other times it just simply doesn’t work with my schedule. Hopping in my car for a two-minute drive to campus seems like a waste of gas, but I am anticipating I will be doing that a lot more in the coming months.

This week presented some challenges and some great opportunities. I had to give my first presentation of my senior year and I also had to give the prayer at Saint Xavier’s annual scholars and benefactors celebration dinner. As a communication major, presentations and public address are something I am called to do quite often, but it still takes a while to get back into the swing of things and rebuild my confidence after a long break. Luckily, both engagements went well and I am glad they are behind me.


The celebration dinner in the Butler Reception Room

As previously mentioned, Wednesday night I attended the celebration dinner. This event, held once a year, is an opportunity for benefactors and scholarship recipients to meet, mingle and share a meal together. I had the opportunity to speak with some representatives of the Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation which funds and supports the scholarship program I am in. It is always heart-warming and encouraging to know that so many people have invested in my future and recognize my potential. I was honored to give the prayer at the dinner and spend the evening with such distinguished and generous people.

The program

The program

October is sure to be a whirlwind month for me as many deadlines for my senior project are approaching. Today marks exactly ten days until I turn 22 which is almost unfathomable at this point! I am looking forward to what October has in store…many highs and lows I am sure!

Happy Fall!

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