Oh, the Places You’ll Go

My roommate has a Dr. Seuss theme map of the world that says, “Oh, the places you’ll go”. I’m about 8 months from graduation and I have been wondering something along the lines of, “Oh, where am I to go?”

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Figuring out what I want to do after college is pretty daunting. I am doubling majoring in Spanish and International Studies. When I tell people this I generally get a response similar to, “Wow! That sounds hard. What is it?” or “That sounds smart. What are you going to do with that?” There is no clearly defined career that I could go into with my majors so this is a justifiable question. I could be a Spanish or English teacher. I could be a translator. I could work for the State Department (which may be my ultimate goal). There is a seemingly endless amount of possibilities, but I don’t know what I what to particularly hone into yet. So I got some trusty help from the school.

First, I meet with Lee Cruz at the Career Center for some advice on how go about looking for a job or an internship after I graduate. My ideal situation would be to volunteer somewhere for a year to get non-for-profit work experience or experience teaching English as a second language. This was my first time going to the Career Center so I didn’t know what to expect. During the meeting that lasted for about an hour, Mr. Cruz reviewed my resume. He gave me some advice on how I should format my resume, as well as what is important to include in my resume. He also suggested that I put more details into the section about studying abroad; he said this should be the highlight of my resume. He then gave me a list of resources I could use to find potential jobs or internships. He discussed the resources in great detail; by the end of meeting I felt very well informed and more confident in where to start looking for opportunities that would be available for me after I graduate.

About a week later, on the October 16th, Saint Xavier had its annual Job and Internship fair. It’s typically held once or twice a year at the Shannon Center. Various organizations and companies come to the campus looking for prospective interns or new hires. There were a lot of organizations and companies that were looking for interns or new hires for careers in Accounting, Business, Nursing, Special Education, and Service Volunteers. I was particularly interesting in the organizations involved in service volunteering. As previously stated, I really want to take a year.

This year, Mercy Corps, Dominican Volunteers, and the Peace Corps were attending. I was supper excited about speaking with a representative from the Peace Corps. Two years of service plus travel and covered medical and dental! YASSSS!  I researched the Peace Corps a few times prior to my going to the fair was greatly interested  in learning more about what they look for in potential applicants and how I could make my application stand out.

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All three programs that were at the fair offered some form of travel and loan deferment during their programs.  A year or two of volunteer service will help me to gain greater international experience and potentially I could learn another language, as well as reduces the stress of having to immediately start paying off student loans. Also, many volunteer organizations, such as The Peace Corps, Mercy Corps, and Dominican will give you a monthly stipend for you services, potential loan reduction, and scholarships for graduate school. It’s all really appealing. As the world becomes more economically and politically connected such experience will definitely look good on my resume.

After my experiences with the Career Services and the job fair, figuring out what I want to do after I graduate feels less daunting then it did before hand. I feel more comfortable, and a tab bit excited about what is in store for me after I graduate. I may not know exactly where I will end up but I feel more confident I will be going somewhere amazing.

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Well hello there! My name is Carleigh! I am a senior here at SXU. I am double majoring in the fields of International Studies and Spanish, with hope of getting a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I am a reserved girl but I still have a lot to say! Through this blog I will share my experiences at SXU, advice, reviews, and everything in between with the wonderful and diverse SXU community!! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment!! Thank you!

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