Autumn is here, but I won’t Fall into a rut

“Rain, rain go away”, has been playing in my head repeatedly for the past few days. The official day of fall was September 23rd, but it really felt like fall this past weekend. It was cloudy, cold, and rainy. It was out right gloomy! This definitely put a damper to my mood.

I have noticed that during the fall and winter season my mood changes. I become a bit more susceptible to overwhelming stress and anxiety; and it has a lot to do with the weather. So to combat this I take vitamins D, K, and B12 but I also try to surround myself with positivity; and it begins from the moment I awake up.

On the wall next to my bed I have put up quotes and maps for inspiration and…of course, positivity.

20151007_12562020151005_231030 (1)

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”

“Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.”

These are my favorite quotes from my collection on my wall. I interpret the first quote as being true to yourself. The second is about living in the moment, and not worrying about things far in the future.

20151007_125551 (1)

Right above my quotes are two maps, one of the United States and the other of the world. I am obsessed with maps. I think they are beautiful and inspiring. I have marked the places I have traveled to with a dark “x”. Looking at my maps reminds me of the places I’ve been, and the places that I will one day travel to.

It’s really all about the small things when it comes to creating positivity. Just a matter of mindset, healthy diet,…and when possible, warm weather.

This Should Have Been The First Thing I Blogged About.

I’m sure with the first blog I made, people have jumped to many conclusions and stereotypes about me: I’m a rough person to get along with, I’m aggressive, I’m a very angry person, yada, yada, yada. But why not let the man himself touch upon this subject? Let’s go!


My name is Francisco Antonio Torres(Yeah, very Mexican name, I know). But I don’t like to be called by my name. Why? Because I was named after my father. I have nothing against my father at all. I love the man, but I just wish he gave me a name that was a little more original. I just see naming a kid after yourself as laziness to be honest. So that’s why Frankie is my go to name. So please, just call me Frankie and act like my real name doesn’t exist, okay?


Going back to my roots, I’m a Mexican American born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Little Village to be more precise. I often find myself revisiting Little Village from time to time for nostalgic reasons. I cannot stress how much I love Little Village with all my heart. I’m always happy whenever I visit my old house and neighborhood. I even like to walk around to see if the places I used to see as a kid are still there. For the most part, they are! I just can’t get away from it because I love the place so much and I can’t help but remember the good times. I just wish the good times would have lasted a little longer.


I attended John Spry Elementary School from Kindergarten up until 6th grade. I won’t lie, this wasn’t the best school I’ve ever attended, but I managed to make the best of it. My first couple of years here were not the best. The teachers here saw me as a degenerate lazy child who was never focused on his school work. I would always be lazy and finish my work later than all the other students. I remember this one specific teacher that got so happy because I was finally on top of my work as if she had no hope for me to begin with. I also remember my third grade teacher that would always give me detention for not doing my homework. Did I go? Heck no! I’m not going to serve hours of quiet time as a form of punishment in order to discipline me. Quite frankly, I didn’t need discipline. I needed inspiration. School work was boring to me and I didn’t see the purpose in it. You really think punishing me was going to help? Also, let me tell you something. I proved that school work was in my back pocket. How? I got student of the month all my years at Spry(K-6th). Student of the month is when a student gets recognition for getting A’s and B’s. See? I could do it! But I saw no point it because school bored me. But that’s all changed. I wish I could shove it in all those teachers faces that never believed in me. But that’s not in my nature. If there’s one teacher who I wish could read this, it would be Mrs.Smith. She was the only teacher I actually loved from Spry. Yeah, she was a hard ball, but it was tough love. Big difference from the denigration the other teachers gave me. Thanks for everything, Mrs.Smith!


Keep in mind, I didn’t edit that picture of my family. My little sister did. Anyway, this was a picture of my family and I celebrating me and my sister’s birthday. Now, I’m can’t say I’m really a family man, but this picture has a lot of meaning to me. Well, look at it. They’re throwing the horns up for and with me. Even my niece is! This is honestly one of the coolest things they have ever done for me and well I don’t show much appreciation for them and I just hope they know that I wouldn’t be half the person I was without them. I love them to death and will do anything I can for them, starting with making them proud by being the third college graduate.


I know the first picture of myself may get many different comments of who I am as a person. But let’s just say for the record that yeah, I do seem a little weird and quiet because of my personal interests and the way I communicate with others. I see myself as the loud thinker. What do I mean by that? I don’t really like talking in person. I think my friends both in High School and College can see that I’m not a very talkative individual. Sure, I may raise my hand in class and give a deep articulate answer, but I can’t host a conversation with individuals for some reason. Like, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I don’t know how. Usually when a person replies with “yeah” or “ohhh” I feel like I give them this vibe that I’m a boring person who can’t speak about other things besides my personal interests. I feel like an alien. I don’t know how to talk about anything that isn’t Metal or Hip Hop. I just feel like it’s a very interesting topic, but not a lot of people are interested in hearing why I love the two so much. That’s why for the most part, I just stay alone and avoid contact with people even if they are my friends. I like being alone. I like going on walks by myself and talking to myself regardless if people think I’m crazy in doing so. I like discovering things and most of all I like to discover me because there’s a lot of things I still don’t know about myself. My only wish was for people to understand why I am the way I am. I’m not anti-social. I just feel very cynical upon talking to others because I bore others. That’s why I don’t attend many school events like parties and stuff because I’m not a party person. Even if I do go, I’m the awkward kid in the corner who does nothing but drink soda and wish he was at home doing stuff he likes like watching Quentin Tarantino movies and playing his bass. So for all of you who talk to me, I love you all. I just hope you understand why I am the way I am. Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to post my next blog. Until then, I’m Frankie, stay metal, everyone.


A Little More About Me!

mom familyHey all, so last week after I got back from Philadelphia I realized I didn’t really say how my summer had been! So I shall give ya the inside loop! If you were reading about me last year you would know that I am from Minnesota. Now I want to say this before I start, I completely love my family. But after having freedom of college, meals of whatever I please, lots or little amount of sleep any time of the day. Going home was a little weird. First off, it is no longer appropriate to order food whenever I want. I didn’t really realize that my roommate and I ordered food whenever we wanted last year till I went home and was talking to her on the phone when we both started talking about how we wanted delivery. At that moment we realized how hard it would be for food to be delivered at one in the morning where we live but also we didn’t want to wake up our families.  So no delivery for us. Another thing I realized this summer, was having to check in, from either being home for dinner or driving my siblings around, I no longer had the freedom to do or eat whatever I felt like. Now when I am at school I try and call my day one to two times a day, and my mom once a week, which now I am realizing is somewhat unfair… today 5Maybe a new goal for the year to improve on? But I do check in when I am at school, just not at all like when I am at home. It just was really different than having the complete freedom of school. Another thing that I did this summer was take three courses at my nearby community college. If you get anything from this post it’s to know that three classes is too much. One class isn’t that bad at all its work but not overwhelming. Two is a bit but you could still probably work as you take classes. Three is no summer vacation, forget hanging out with friends, and signing your life way to trying to survive. All of my syllabi said that to do well in the course that this should be the only one that you are in. I was in three. So much happening during the four to six week time. I really did enjoy them though, and one of the classes that I took has really helped me in a class that I am in this semester! One thing that I found to be weird though was that the classroom sizes were larger than Saint Xavier’s which I didn’t except at a community college! One thing that did bum me out about taking so many classes was that it was really hard to find balance which I strive for normally. Having one class that required 8 hours of studying after 5 hours in that class, while also having two other classes, there just wasn’t enough hours in the day… So having time for my family, boyfriend, friends, and me time. It just wasn’t a thing. Once my classes were done I was able to find a little more balance but overall I was horrible at it. I could have spent more time with my family, especially my siblings, and for that I am truly sorry. I promise that next summer I won’t be this crazy again and sign up for too many classes.

Being at school feels really good though! I love Saint Xavier University and the community that surrounds us! So much is happening and my classes have a lot happening! I may have gotten overly involved this year, but staying organization is pretty much how I survive. And attending Sister Carol’s women’s prayer group, I go on Thursdays at 2pm if anyone would like to join! It helps me relax so much that it’s a need in my life.

This past week at SXU Yuritza and I had the pleasure of leading Broadview Deportation 12095321_1044278592248895_6324931977005355487_oCenter with MSPJ (Mercy Students for Peace and Justice) and SXU students. For those of you who don’t know what Broadview is, it’s about a forty-five minute drive from SXU to Broadview Illinois where we pray outside of the Detention Center. We inform students about our broken immigration system and stand in solidarity with those who are being deported from this country, the families they leave behind, and for the community. All faiths are welcomed when we attending! It’s a very powerful and moving experience to start off one’s Friday morning but it’s an incredible experience! The next trip will be November 20th, if anyone you know wants more details or to sign up you can contact Yuritza at or me at

I wish you all a great week to come and good luck with midterms around the corner!

New Season, New Challenges, New Opportunities!

Well, another week of my Senior year is in the books and it’s finally starting to feel like fall on campus! There was a chill in the air towards the end of this week and it’s starting to hit me that my walks to class are going to be getting a lot colder. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but I am not sure I am ready to face the bitter cold that follows. It has also occurred to me that since I’ve moved to the Saint Xavier apartments, my walk is much, much longer. SXU does offer a shuttle service that picks apartment residents up and brings them to campus and I do utilize that quite often, but I’ve found that sometimes it isn’t as reliable as one might hope and other times it just simply doesn’t work with my schedule. Hopping in my car for a two-minute drive to campus seems like a waste of gas, but I am anticipating I will be doing that a lot more in the coming months.

This week presented some challenges and some great opportunities. I had to give my first presentation of my senior year and I also had to give the prayer at Saint Xavier’s annual scholars and benefactors celebration dinner. As a communication major, presentations and public address are something I am called to do quite often, but it still takes a while to get back into the swing of things and rebuild my confidence after a long break. Luckily, both engagements went well and I am glad they are behind me.


The celebration dinner in the Butler Reception Room

As previously mentioned, Wednesday night I attended the celebration dinner. This event, held once a year, is an opportunity for benefactors and scholarship recipients to meet, mingle and share a meal together. I had the opportunity to speak with some representatives of the Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation which funds and supports the scholarship program I am in. It is always heart-warming and encouraging to know that so many people have invested in my future and recognize my potential. I was honored to give the prayer at the dinner and spend the evening with such distinguished and generous people.

The program

The program

October is sure to be a whirlwind month for me as many deadlines for my senior project are approaching. Today marks exactly ten days until I turn 22 which is almost unfathomable at this point! I am looking forward to what October has in store…many highs and lows I am sure!

Happy Fall!