Senior Project Phase One: Complete

Welcome back, readers!

Unfortunately, this will be a short blog because I am sick so I don’t have much exciting news to report! I came down with something Friday afternoon and I’ve been laying in bed struggling with it all weekend. This was not exactly how I planned to spend my weekend. I went home Friday afternoon with the intention of giving my mom a hand with some yard work, but she ended up giving me a hand with just about everything as I recovered from my illness! (you’re never too old to have your mom take care of you when you’re sick). I am still feeling pretty sick today, but I am hoping my condition improves by tomorrow because I have a lot on my plate on Mondays and I can’t afford to miss classes!

That being said, I do have a bit of good news. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the fact that I was working on the first assignment of my Senior Research Project, a thirty source annotated bibliography with an accompanying project proposal and paper outline. Well, I submitted that on October 12th and I received my grade this week. I was so nervous that I couldn’t look at it for a while. I wanted to hang on to that glorious time between submitting an assignment and seeing your grade. The good news is, I got an A! Not only did I get an A…I got 100%! I did not even think that was possible. I felt so unsure of myself throughout the entire process because I have never done research quite this extensive before. Nonetheless, I did work really hard and spent a good deal of time on it so I am happy with the result. Sometimes hard work really does pay off!

The tree in front of my house

The tree in front of my house

Fall is in full swing and the trees are absolutely stunning around Saint Xavier’s campus and my home town as well. Next weekend is Halloween and I am looking forward to taking my nephews trick-or-treating (and reliving my childhood a bit)! I have wanted to do that since they were born, but it’s been while since Halloween fell on a weekend so I haven’t had the chance. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures for next week’s blog!

I am hoping I will be in better health by this time next week, refreshed and ready to share my week with you!

Until next time…

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