Almost Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and I am so excited! This past week has been super busy and I just miss home! It really helps that SXU is my home away from home though!

On Tuesday, I had my last transition class!22 transition
I have loved getting to work with my students and see how much they have all grown since August to almost completing their first semesters of college! (This picture is of my transition’s nursing class, yes, I know I am not a nursing major….scheduling issues).

22 feedThis past Wednesday I was able to go with BSU (Black Student Union) and part take in Feed My Starving Children. Once again, I had another great experience serving! Some of my favorite parts about Feed My Starving Children are that students get so excited about how much food they make and how easy it is to serve.

This past Thursday I was invited to attend the first ever Latino networking event at La Taberna Tapas on Halsted St. For the most part, none of us students really knew what we were getting ourselves into other than that the President of SXU invited us to attend the event!22 pres Once we got there we soon found out that it was all about making future connections for possible work experiences. Overall it was pretty fun and the food was fantastic! (In this picture the student girls are in this picture: Me, Ana C., and Kathy R.)

On Friday, we had the last Broadview of the semester. Like always, it was a great trip, except it also saddened me to know that the other person who leads Broadview with me is graduating this December. Yuritza has been leading 22 broadviewBroadview for about two years now, and she was the one who pushed for me to part take in leading Broadview. She will be greatly missed, and I hope that next semester that I am able to lead as wonderfully as she has.

Today, Sunday, my boyfriend (who goes to another university) had his orchestra concert which I was able to attend, and I heard amazing music. He did a great job, and his whole family was also able to attend! They came all the way from Minnesota and Iowa. It was a just so great to see them and see him do well! 22 jon and I

I invite and hope that anyone who is looking for something to do tomorrow (Monday) to come ot the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service in the chapel at noon where lunch will be served (for free)! I will be giving a blessing over the food, but all faiths are welcomed for giving thanks for all that we have in our lives!

THE BREADTRUCK IS BACK ON! Yay!!!!! Finally! I get to go for the first time this semester! I could not be more excited about it! Except the whole going home for the first time in almost four months…

I hope you all have a fantastic break this upcoming week and that all have safe travels home!


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