Feed Me Seymour!!

 When I am well fed I am like this sweet, little, happy flower.

It’s that time in the semester where I am almost down to my last $100 on my meal plan… and this girl is getting hungry. When I am hungry I can become this crackmeister, demanding to be fed!! I am much like the plant from the film Little Shop of Horrors, so I have to find ways to supplement some of my meals and feed myself.

Where else would I go to find creative suggestions for easy and cheap meals for this broke college student named Carleigh? YouTube of course!!

Here is what I found:

Ramen Noodle Recipes!!!! YUMMY!!

Easy Vegetarian Recipes!!!

Hmmm….Questionably delicious but its cheap (in euros)!

Thanksgiving Meal In An Hour

These are great ideas!!!  Now that my meal plan is running low, I guess it’s time to get more elaborate and start cooking for myself in the good ol’ dorm! Pretty much everything I need in order to cook a decent meal is right at my fingertips. Suites on campus are provided with a refrigerator and a convection oven. My suite mates and I have a hot plate and a coffee machine in our kitchenette as well. I have everything that I need, so let’s get started because I’m hungry!!


About Carleigh Kemp

Well hello there! My name is Carleigh! I am a senior here at SXU. I am double majoring in the fields of International Studies and Spanish, with hope of getting a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I am a reserved girl but I still have a lot to say! Through this blog I will share my experiences at SXU, advice, reviews, and everything in between with the wonderful and diverse SXU community!! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment!! Thank you!

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