Home Sweet Home

I have gotten to the point where I call my dorm “home”. The dorm is where my clothes are. It’s were I sleep. My friends live with me. I cook for myself. It’s my home. I’ve lived on campus the entire time I have been at SXU minus when I studied in Spain, so I am very much accustom to living away from home.

…But between you and I…I live roughly 35 minutes away from SXU. My permanent address is somewhere in Hyde Park. So what gives Carleigh? Why do you live on campus when you live so close? I have asked myself this many times.

Picture looking out the window in January. What do you see? Snow. I ain’t about that life. Let’s be real.



I am fortune enough to have this opportunity and I definitely appreciate it, as living on campus is expense. I may regret my desicion a year from now when I have to start paying my loans but for the moment I will enjoy my “home”.

So after years of living on campus here are three benefits of living on campus.

1. Convenience

Of course, this is number one. Living on campus allows me to have easier access to teachers and campus resources like library, the Shannon Center. living on campus makes my commute to the main building or to the Pulaski center between 5 and 15 minutes. Having a shorter commute would allow for longer time to sleep, more time to work, and more time to watch Netflix.

2. Independence

Like I said I only live 35 minutes away, so I can easily go home, have a home cooked meal, and have my laundry done for me…sometimes but I choose not to. Living on campus gives me the freedom to make my own decision on how I live. I can decide when I want to do laundry or clean the living room. Living on campus has allowed

3. Friends

I thinks it is much easier to make friends living on campus then commuting. People are around you 24/7 while living on campus so making friends is inevitable. For one your roommates. I have lucked on my roommates. My roommates freshman and sophomore year are all my best friends. This year I am rooming with transfer students and so far so good. Also, having neighbors helps to make friends too. If you are in need of a spatula, go to your neighbor. Having to borrow a cooking utensil or some salt are great ice breakers!


College is stressful, so if I can make it less stressful in any way I am doing it. Living on campus helps me do that.



About Carleigh Kemp

Well hello there! My name is Carleigh! I am a senior here at SXU. I am double majoring in the fields of International Studies and Spanish, with hope of getting a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I am a reserved girl but I still have a lot to say! Through this blog I will share my experiences at SXU, advice, reviews, and everything in between with the wonderful and diverse SXU community!! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment!! Thank you!

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