It’s The Final Countdown!!

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!!! I am stuffed and need a nap, but I can’t sleep for long because I have to prepare for finals. I can’t believe the semester has gone by so quickly! In just a week, finals will begin!!

With that being said, here is my list of things to help get you through studying for finals week…or weeks, as some final exams and papers are due a week before the actual finals week.

1. Coffee

Coffee is essential during finals. It gives you energy to get you through an all-nighter or wakes you up for an early morning exam. Plus, having a Starbucks in Morris Hall is so convenient for late night or early morning coffee needs!


2. Yoga

Exercising is really good for decreasing stress and increasing endorphins. I personally enjoy practicing yoga to clear my mind during any stressful period of time. Yoga focuses on breathing and being in the moment. So if you feel stuck when writing a paper take a break and do some yoga. Clear you mind and breathe. Woosah!

For your viewing pleasure: Yoga for Stress Relief

3. Motivation


Find something or someone that motivates you. Maybe remind yourself that Ryan Gosling is cheering you on and wants you to succeed.

4. Humor

That brings me to my next point… Having a laugh is always a stress relief. So taking a break from studying or writing to watch a funny video will do you wonders.

Here’s a video to help:Who doesn’t like funny animal videos?

5. Confidence

Surely this is the hardest feeling to have during final weeks. The final exam, the final essay, or the final project for many students can make or break their grade for a class. There is a lot of pressure to get a good grade but going into an exam, writing a paper or presenting a project with confidence is one of the keys to success. Worrying will cause stress and forgetfulness. Prepare ahead of time and do whatever it is you are working on with a clear mind and positive thoughts.

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