Jazz Ensemble: SXU edition


If you remember my previous blog, I talked about Jazz being one of the main things in my life. Well, that fortunately continued for me here at SXU. Once again, I’m playing with another band, but this time it got bigger. Back in high school, there weren’t many members in the Jazz band as far as variety. Yeah, we had rhythm section and a couple of saxes, but I felt like we could have had more. We needed more trombone players because there was only one. Just like here at SXU, we also lacked trumpet players. Which stinks because the band sounds so much better with trumpet players. So here’s my little advertising for the band I suppose. We need trumpet players, so if you know how to play trumpet, please consider joining Jazz Ensemble.

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s so good about being in a Jazz band. Well, I’m sure the music already speaks for itself. But I understand if you do need a little convincing. So here some of the great benefits of being in Jazz Ensemble. First reason is quite obvious, you get to play music as a class. I mean how cool is that? Playing an instrument you love and counting it as a class? Count me in! It’s so awesome to tell my mom or other family members that I’m heading to class when really I’m going off to play my favorite instrument for a band that plays great music. It’s kind of what I really look forward to over the week. Just getting my mind off things and playing some bass. What a great way to relieve some stress if I do say so myself. Maybe that’s how everyone else in the band feels as well whether it’s Matthew forgetting about his troubles on the Sax, or Jamel just taking out his frustrations on those sweet fills he comes up with. Whatever may be, music that has heart and soul is worth playing for. But if that isn’t enough to convince you, that’s okay. I have a couple more reasons coming up.


Reason number 2: You get to dress nice. Here we have a picture of my good buddy Ethan(Alto Sax/Flute) looking sharper than razors. I don’t know about you, but I love wearing a suit and tie and looking like I have a lot of money(even though I don’t). Dressing nice is probably one of my favorite things to do ever. Now just because I don’t do it everyday, doesn’t mean I hate it. I just need to find the right occasion. Traditionally in Jazz, the outfit is usually all black, and yeah I guess you can say that is pretty metal. Haha, but here at Sxu, you get to wear a full suit and whatever color shirt you want. Looking good while playing some good music? Who wouldn’t take that offer? That’s got to be like one of the biggest win win situations ever. Still not fully convinced? Well this last one should get you hopefully.

Last reason why you should join: The more you do it, the better you get at it. I’ll be honest with you. When I first came here to SXU, I had very little to no experience when it came to improvising, music theory, and sight reading. If it wasn’t for Dr.Salmon, I would have no idea what mixolydians are, how to play my minor scale, and more importantly, how to improvise. I am more than grateful that I had the opportunity to learn about these things here with the Jazz Ensemble. Sometimes, I like to teach this information to some of my friends who are still in high school interested in a career with music. I still would not consider myself an expert on music theory and playing, but I know one thing is for sure, and that is that I know a lot more now than I did before. It’s not all just in studying it. You must apply it as well and that’s the best part of Ensemble. You apply it as much as possible and that to me is one of the biggest blessings I could ever get in my life.

I hope this at least has interested you guys into considering participating in music because being a music advocate, I just love it when people start to gain an interest in it. Here’s a link to our first concert to get a taste of what we sound like. It was a Frank Sinatra show who is one of the most well known singers in Jazz. Hope you enjoy.

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