Ready, Set, Snow!

Welcome back,

We are now just a few short days away from Thanksgiving break. After all the work I have been doing on my senior project (and have yet to do), this break couldn’t come at a better time. I am looking forward to having a few days to spend with my family and be away from school, but unfortunately, I have a few things I need to finish up or get started on regarding my project during that time as well. I hope I can strike a good balance between work and pleasure during the break and make the most of it.

I suppose the biggest news for this week is Chicago’s first snowfall of the season. It was quite a measurable snowfall for November and I am praying that this is not an indication of the winter to come. I am not opposed to snow entirely, in fact, I love a little snow around the holidays, but this was too much too soon. It was just enough to make travel and just about everything else more difficult over the weekend. I am certainly going to miss this pleasant fall weather we’ve had.

A snowy scene outside my house

A snowy scene outside my house

Once we return from Thanksgiving break, we’ll have one week of classes to tackle and then finals will be upon us! It occurred to me that I have two finals weeks left to concur in my college career! When first semester comes to a close I know it’s going to be a series of “lasts” until graduation in May, which is always bittersweet. I am wholeheartedly ready to leave college though. It has been fun and challenging, but I am ready to move on and start my life.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to list just a couple of things I am thankful for this year:


1. My family and friends

2. My education (and being able to finish my degree in 4 years)

3. The opportunities I have been given this year to expand my knowledge and gain experience.

4. The internet (particularly online shopping, which is currently acting as a great distraction from my homework)

5. All of the support (financial or otherwise) I receive from many people (those close to me and those I do not even know)

I am very fortunate and very thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Hi everyone! I am currently a Senior communication major at Saint Xavier University! This is my second year blogging for the Cougar Diaries and I am very excited to continue sharing my story! I tend to blog a lot about my classes, happenings in and around SXU, my relationship with my identical twin sister, my family and friends and anything that I can't seem to get out of my head! I am graduating in May and preparing myself for life outside of SXU. So I invite you to join me as I embark on the final lap of my college career!

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