Time Waits For No One

I am officially done with the first semester of my senior year of college! Woah!! This semester has been the most challenging semester ever, and I am so glad that it is nearly over.

But before it ends, here is a bit of review of my semester.


At the Heritage Ball with my roomie Addie.

This semester I roomed with transfer students. When I had decided that I was going to live with strangers, I thought that this would be a good thing for me. I would be coming back from Barcelona, and I didn’t want to go back to so much normalcy. I wanted to keep meeting people like I was doing while in Barcelona. At the moment I am glad that I did this. I have meet more people through my roommates, so my social circle has expanded, but not going to lie it was difficult living with strangers. My roommates are great and we have become good friends now, but when I moved back to campus I sort of wish I had roomed with my friends that I had know for years now. I had been away from campus for nearly a year and so it was a bit of an adjustment coming back; so having my friends would have made the adjustment back to school much easier. But now all is well. I am glad that the initial discomfort that I felt at the beginning of the semester is finally going away.


On September 21 I went to a concert to see this French singer, Stromae. I have been a fan of his for a few years now and so I was super excited that he was coming to Chicago. I bought my ticket in July and was hoping to persuade a friend to come with me by the time of the concert. Well, that didn’t happen. Considering he only sings in French and they don’t speak French so I can see their disinterest. I on the other hand do not mind a little language barrier. If it sounds good I will listen to it no matter the language. So guess who went to the concert by herself? This girl did.

I was honestly super nervous about going by myself. Would people notice that I was alone? Do I look lonely or something? I was actually trying to find an excuse not to go. I didn’t even tell my roommates that I was going to a concert until I was literally leaving out the dorm to go make my away downtown. When I arrived at the venue I was surrounded by French speakers. I was like I was in Europe all over again. It was lovely.

The concert was AMAZING!!! I am so glad I went. It turns out it doesn’t really matter if you go to a concert alone because during the actually performance, who holds a conversation? No one. Sure, it was a bit awkward before the music started but I ended up making small talk with the couple next to me and I found out that they both work for the French consulate here in Chicago! They are Americans and they work for the French government. That’s so cool.

There is a link to Stromae’s song “Papaoutai”. Maybe you know some French or maybe you don’t. Be open to the experience.




Another memory was having brunch downtown for a friend’s birthday. We went to a restaurant on State and Grand. The name of the restaurant escaped me at the moment but it was a high end Mexican Restaurant. I love going downtown. There is so much activity going on downtown. It was a nice break and change of pace, and the food was delicious.


A few days after having brunch downtown, my friends and I made are way back into the city to head to Wrigleyville.  It so nice to be going to school within city limits.



The most recent memory is Thanksgiving. We did the usual. We we had a family dinner, well two to be exact. I had dinner with my dad’s family then later on in the day with my mom’s family. So I got double the trouble. Before Thanksgiving break I hadn’t been home to see my family in over a month. IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE THEM!!!! Having gone away to Spain and not seeing them for months I really appreciate them so much more. I will see them over winter break of course but at that moment spending time with them was much needed.

So the time has come…I must now begin to pack my bags. May time slow down just a bit because I am a slow packer.


19 and Beyond


You know, when I was eighteen, I used to reference that Alice Cooper song that was under the same name all the time. I’m eighteen and I don’t know what I want. That was exactly my case. Well sort of. When I was eighteen, I found something that I wanted to do because I thought it was realistic and people would actually respect me for it: A Music Teacher. Now disclaimer: I’m not bashing the music education business at all by any means, but I have discovered that department is not for me.

When I was a senior in High School, my music teacher who I’ve mentioned in one of my previous blogs, Madeline Mollinedo, was the biggest inspiration to me. I looked at her as a role model to me. Now keep in mind, I don’t usually make people I personally know my role model, but there was something about Ms.M that really appealed to me. I guess it was her grit. As I have stated before, she was like my second mother. School is not meant to become friends with your teachers but at the end of the day, I consider Ms.M one of my best friends because she’s been real with me since day one ever since I joined Jazz Band for her and I’ve been real with her. So that’s what made me want to be like her. It didn’t help when her awesome Student Teacher Mr.Mendoza came along and showed me that a hip young metalhead can be a teacher while staying themselves.

With all the positive things I just mentioned, you’d think that I’d be working just as hard as them to get what they do. I tried. I really really did. But upon my experience and journey onto it, I realized that this isn’t really what I wanted. I don’t want to give any negative connotation as to what I’m saying right now, but I’ve pretty much brainwashed myself into thinking about what I really wanted. I chose Music Ed because it seemed the most realistic to people and everyone else. What I mean by that is that I felt like I was doing it for others rather than myself. Within the experience I realized I was killing my heart and my spirit. Again, I don’t want to give any negative connotation to becoming a Music Ed major because I’m stating that it was not the major for me after all.

So this still begs the question what do I want to do? The real answer is I discovered this in 8th grade. But people kept dropping the reality ball on me. Telling me I couldn’t do it because it’s just silly and it will just ruin my reputation. I want to become a music producer and produce my own music projects. I’ve always wanted to learn how to produce my own music and that’s what I’m going to do. One particular is a rap project that I used to talk about since 8th grade as a joke. But I now realized that I was actually being serious about it the whole time. It’s amazing how 5 years later I did keep it into consideration this whole time.

Once again, I’ve prepared to have the reality balls be thrown at me by people telling me that it’s not possible for me to do so. But I’m okay with that. There will always be people who are against your decisions and you have to learn to embrace that because you can’t make people change what they think so the same goes for me. I’m going to do everything I can in my power to get about where I need to be.

It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year

finalsSo I am going to make a formal announcement in case life wasn’t clear enough for us SXU students. The week before finals is officially and formally the busiest and most stressful time of the year. And in case I wasn’t completely overloaded with class, so much was happening this past week as well!

On Tuesday, we had Women prayer group pictures, which wasn’t really all that difficult;  it was more of the idea that I had to stop working on studying and instead take pictures! I also had to get my background check and finger printing done so that I can start observation hours next semester! (I of course passed, wasn’t too concerned about it.)

On Wednesday, as many students know, we had the Diversity Open Forum having to do with a post that an admissions administer made on his personal Facebook account. I was asked to represent MSPJ for the opening prayer, and later to once again represent MSPJ about what we are doing about diversity. I believe the open forum truly opened the eyes of many students and faculty about diversity at our school, and what we need to improve on not only as a University but as a society.

Wednesday was also my three year anniversary with my boyfriend, Jon. flowersHe surprised me with a flower delivery after the open forum which made my day! The photo is of the flowers, cute little bear, and chocolates that were delivered! This weekend we got to celebrate our anniversary by going out for dinner and exchanging gifts. I got a Pandora charm bracelet!!

On Thursday, Ana, Brittany, and I had to leave campus after Children’s Literature to go to the library for our presentation next week. Our presentation has to do with the Latino Culture and children books. Our search was very successful! Following our search for books we went to Zacatacos, which oh my gosh was so good. It reminded me of home and my dad’s tacos! It was fantastic, so if you haven’t ever been there and you’re in the Chicago area, you need to go. Because of our adventurous night, I was able to attend the first meeting for the new Latin Dance Team at Saint Xavier University! It is a brand new club at our school and I am so excited for it to kick off!

This past week Yuritza (the other student who leads Broadview with me) and I were both asked to be interviewed by WXAV (SXU’s radio station) about a show that will be on the radio in May 2016 about immigration. Being interviewed for the radio show was a completely new experience which was surprisingly really fun! Both Yuritza and I were nervous going into it, but knowing that it wasn’t live and that we were just talking about our involvement with MSPJ and immigration policies in the United States made us at ease.

sister christaOn Friday, in the chapel we had a celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe! It was a beautiful mass where I once again was able to represent MSPJ and talk about Broadview! To make it even better, Sister Christa was visiting, who I haven’t seen in the past year due to her finishing her Master’s and entering the sisterhood!

Overall a super busy week especially going into final’s week! I wish everyone luck and that it all goes well! And happy holidays! Enjoy and relax this month off before it all starts over again in another semester! finals pic

One Semester Down, One to Go!

Welcome back,

Tomorrow marks the beginning of finals week, so only a few days, one presentation and two papers stand between me and Christmas break. I think I need this break more than ever. Due to my senior project and the nature of my major and the jobs I hold on campus, I have been doing nothing but writing and researching for about four months now. I am beyond burnt out. I don’t think I could write another word. Not to mention I’ve been getting about ten emails per day from professors, group members and classmates about the various tasks on my plate. I am really looking forward to putting my laptop away for a few weeks and truly just relaxing without any major assignments hanging over my head.

That being said, let’s talk about something positive…Christmas! It is just a few weeks away now and I spent a good portion of my weekend helping my mom get our house decorated. As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Christmas decorations (although minimal),  have been up in my apartment for a couple weeks now because I just couldn’t wait. Like most resident students, I go home for Christmas break so at the end of this week, I will be packing up my things and moving back home for a few weeks. That is one of the worst things about being a resident, the moving.  Because I go back and fourth between my apartment and home a lot, I feel like I live out of a suitcase. I’m always losing track of what clothes and other items are at my apartment and what is at my house. I’m ready to stay put for a while.

I’ve already got most of my Christmas shopping done thanks to the internet. I’m not a black Friday shopper so I didn’t go out last week and get any great deals, but I did participate in Cyber Monday! If I know what I’m looking for, it’s so much easier to just buy it online and have it shipped right to my house! Plus, a lot of stores will offer great deals on their merchandise online and also a greater selection of colors/styles/sizes if you buy online as well. Win, win! I also love shopping using sites like Etsy that sell personalized gifts that are handmade by people with small businesses, it’s great to support small business and it also makes your gifts feel a little more more special! I highly recommend shopping on Etsy for some of the people on your list this year!

This year and semester have definitely been trying so I am looking forward to having a break and fresh start in January. Here’s to hoping 2016 brings good things!

Good luck to all of the Saint Xavier students taking finals this week and I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing break, happy holidays, and wonderful New Year!

Until next time…