It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year

finalsSo I am going to make a formal announcement in case life wasn’t clear enough for us SXU students. The week before finals is officially and formally the busiest and most stressful time of the year. And in case I wasn’t completely overloaded with class, so much was happening this past week as well!

On Tuesday, we had Women prayer group pictures, which wasn’t really all that difficult;  it was more of the idea that I had to stop working on studying and instead take pictures! I also had to get my background check and finger printing done so that I can start observation hours next semester! (I of course passed, wasn’t too concerned about it.)

On Wednesday, as many students know, we had the Diversity Open Forum having to do with a post that an admissions administer made on his personal Facebook account. I was asked to represent MSPJ for the opening prayer, and later to once again represent MSPJ about what we are doing about diversity. I believe the open forum truly opened the eyes of many students and faculty about diversity at our school, and what we need to improve on not only as a University but as a society.

Wednesday was also my three year anniversary with my boyfriend, Jon. flowersHe surprised me with a flower delivery after the open forum which made my day! The photo is of the flowers, cute little bear, and chocolates that were delivered! This weekend we got to celebrate our anniversary by going out for dinner and exchanging gifts. I got a Pandora charm bracelet!!

On Thursday, Ana, Brittany, and I had to leave campus after Children’s Literature to go to the library for our presentation next week. Our presentation has to do with the Latino Culture and children books. Our search was very successful! Following our search for books we went to Zacatacos, which oh my gosh was so good. It reminded me of home and my dad’s tacos! It was fantastic, so if you haven’t ever been there and you’re in the Chicago area, you need to go. Because of our adventurous night, I was able to attend the first meeting for the new Latin Dance Team at Saint Xavier University! It is a brand new club at our school and I am so excited for it to kick off!

This past week Yuritza (the other student who leads Broadview with me) and I were both asked to be interviewed by WXAV (SXU’s radio station) about a show that will be on the radio in May 2016 about immigration. Being interviewed for the radio show was a completely new experience which was surprisingly really fun! Both Yuritza and I were nervous going into it, but knowing that it wasn’t live and that we were just talking about our involvement with MSPJ and immigration policies in the United States made us at ease.

sister christaOn Friday, in the chapel we had a celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe! It was a beautiful mass where I once again was able to represent MSPJ and talk about Broadview! To make it even better, Sister Christa was visiting, who I haven’t seen in the past year due to her finishing her Master’s and entering the sisterhood!

Overall a super busy week especially going into final’s week! I wish everyone luck and that it all goes well! And happy holidays! Enjoy and relax this month off before it all starts over again in another semester! finals pic

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