Time Waits For No One

I am officially done with the first semester of my senior year of college! Woah!! This semester has been the most challenging semester ever, and I am so glad that it is nearly over.

But before it ends, here is a bit of review of my semester.


At the Heritage Ball with my roomie Addie.

This semester I roomed with transfer students. When I had decided that I was going to live with strangers, I thought that this would be a good thing for me. I would be coming back from Barcelona, and I didn’t want to go back to so much normalcy. I wanted to keep meeting people like I was doing while in Barcelona. At the moment I am glad that I did this. I have meet more people through my roommates, so my social circle has expanded, but not going to lie it was difficult living with strangers. My roommates are great and we have become good friends now, but when I moved back to campus I sort of wish I had roomed with my friends that I had know for years now. I had been away from campus for nearly a year and so it was a bit of an adjustment coming back; so having my friends would have made the adjustment back to school much easier. But now all is well. I am glad that the initial discomfort that I felt at the beginning of the semester is finally going away.


On September 21 I went to a concert to see this French singer, Stromae. I have been a fan of his for a few years now and so I was super excited that he was coming to Chicago. I bought my ticket in July and was hoping to persuade a friend to come with me by the time of the concert. Well, that didn’t happen. Considering he only sings in French and they don’t speak French so I can see their disinterest. I on the other hand do not mind a little language barrier. If it sounds good I will listen to it no matter the language. So guess who went to the concert by herself? This girl did.

I was honestly super nervous about going by myself. Would people notice that I was alone? Do I look lonely or something? I was actually trying to find an excuse not to go. I didn’t even tell my roommates that I was going to a concert until I was literally leaving out the dorm to go make my away downtown. When I arrived at the venue I was surrounded by French speakers. I was like I was in Europe all over again. It was lovely.

The concert was AMAZING!!! I am so glad I went. It turns out it doesn’t really matter if you go to a concert alone because during the actually performance, who holds a conversation? No one. Sure, it was a bit awkward before the music started but I ended up making small talk with the couple next to me and I found out that they both work for the French consulate here in Chicago! They are Americans and they work for the French government. That’s so cool.

There is a link to Stromae’s song “Papaoutai”. Maybe you know some French or maybe you don’t. Be open to the experience.




Another memory was having brunch downtown for a friend’s birthday. We went to a restaurant on State and Grand. The name of the restaurant escaped me at the moment but it was a high end Mexican Restaurant. I love going downtown. There is so much activity going on downtown. It was a nice break and change of pace, and the food was delicious.


A few days after having brunch downtown, my friends and I made are way back into the city to head to Wrigleyville.  It so nice to be going to school within city limits.



The most recent memory is Thanksgiving. We did the usual. We we had a family dinner, well two to be exact. I had dinner with my dad’s family then later on in the day with my mom’s family. So I got double the trouble. Before Thanksgiving break I hadn’t been home to see my family in over a month. IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE THEM!!!! Having gone away to Spain and not seeing them for months I really appreciate them so much more. I will see them over winter break of course but at that moment spending time with them was much needed.

So the time has come…I must now begin to pack my bags. May time slow down just a bit because I am a slow packer.


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