So, what’s next for you?

Welcome back,

I have another week of classes under my belt and that is no easy task considering the Chicago winter sometimes makes it nearly impossible for me to step outside my apartment door. I have lived in the Chicagoland area my entire life, but being at Saint Xavier for the past four years has made me quite familiar with its extreme and fluctuating weather…more familiar than I ever wanted to be.

I do have a car here on campus, but I share it with my sister, who, as I have mentioned in previous blogs, is also a senior at Saint Xavier and is currently student teaching in Chicago Ridge. This renders me car-less Monday through Friday, unfortunately. For those that aren’t familiar with the layout of campus, the University owned apartment building that I live in currently is close to campus, but not nearly close enough to walk to campus for class in this frigid weather. Luckily, the school provides a shuttle service to and from my building so I have been taking advantage of that in recent weeks. Future freshman, I am proof that even if you are not bringing a car with you to campus, there are plenty of ways to get around. I have provided a link to the shuttle schedule below!

This is about the time of the year when seniors start hearing the panic-inducing “So what’s next for you?” from just about everyone. I just updated my resume and cover letter recently and started applying for jobs (I strongly suggest a visit to Career Services if you’re struggling with your resume).

What I have learned so far is that this process can be pretty discouraging. When you find a position you think you might be interested in and the job requirements list something like “5 years of experience in the field”, it makes you sweat a little. I’ve found myself asking questions like…”What am I qualified to do then?”. Perhaps I do not know as much as I think I do. The confidence you gain as a Senior in college can certainly be diminished during the job hunt. I wish I had a resolution for this is issue, but at this point, I have only just begun to chart my post-graduation course.

I took a great hike in the woods and enjoyed the near 50 degree January weather!

I took a great hike in the woods and enjoyed the near 50 degree January weather!

That being said, I was excited to take some time relax this weekend, put away my laptop and enjoy the unseasonably warm temperatures we had here in Chicago for a couple of days! It was a nice break from the below zero temps we’ve been having. Now I am looking forward to Spring that much more! I hope everyone gets the chance to step outside for a bit before we’re back to reality!

 Until next time…

MLK Week

Hello all! I Hope you have all had a fantastic MLK week! SXU had daily events celebrating diversity and honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. including the presentation of the “I Have a Dream” speech, “Color Doesn’t Matter,” Make Sandwiches for the Bread Truck, Voices Café Open Mic, Broadview Deportation Center Visit, and the Praise and Worship Service.

book shelfThis week I felt like a true adult because I bought and put together my own bookshelf (Given I used a friend’s tool set, and we did it together!) The thought is still present, though, that this bookshelf is one I will actually have in a someday-adult-apartment, and it’s a big deal! And for the time being, it makes my college dorm room seem more homey and classy! (Shout out to Brittany for putting it together with me!)

One thing that I am trying to make part of my schedule is working out and eating healthy; last semester I tried to eat healthy but didn’t make the time to go to the Shannon center to workout. . . So this semester I am trying to make it part of my schedule! Some things that I have noticed is that I surprisingly feel comfortable at the gym, maybe it’s dumb of me to be surprised, but I honestly thought I would just feel uncomfortable around all of these healthy fit people… But I do feel comfortable in a way where they, like me, are just trying to be healthy; it’s almost like a mutual respect! One thing that I am trying out is Pilates which is a class that the Shannon Center offers! The class I attend is on Monday and Wednesday nights and the first class I attended was a fantastic workout for half an hour. Given it was hard, but it was a great workout that reminded me of my soccer and track days in high school!


bagsOn Thursday I attended the “Make Sandwiches for the Bread Truck” which was a group of students who are having a good time while packing food for the Bread Truck. In case you have forgotten what the Bread Truck is, it is a food truck that travels to different locations in the Back of the Yards neighborhood serving those in hunger.

On Friday I led Broadview for the first time all by myself. Although I had many returnees, it was strange to no longer have Yurtiza there with me. (Yurtiza graduated last semester.) In case some may need a reminder about Broadview, MSPJ travels to Broadview for a prayer vigil in front of the Broadview Detention Center. As we travel we learn about the United States broken immigration system and stand in solidarity with those being deported from this country, the families they leave behind, and our community as we pray the rosary together. As always, all faiths are welcome. One thing that stood out to me this past Friday was how many children were at Broadview saying goodbye to someone they love. For those who don’t know this about me, I love children, so seeing at least twenty children leaving the building crying as their parents stood strong holding their hands broke me . . . .broadview 2As an adult I can’t understand the logic of breaking part families, so to a little child I cannot understand how difficult it is for them… Although it is true that going to Broadview is not exactly the happiest way to start one’s weekend, I believe it is still important to go and stand with the families, the children, and the community… If interested on attending, please let me know at

On a happier note, this upcoming Monday I start my observation hours, which is going into the classroom and observing how the teacher conducts her classroom. Overall, I am a guest in her classroom so I have no idea what she would like me to do! It can be me sitting in the back just watching taking notes… Or it can have me being involved in the classroom! I truly do not know yet and won’t know till Monday! I do know my teacher’s name and that it will be a 7th grade class!

An exciting note is that my sister Maya, has just heard back from SXU admission’s office, and she has been accepted! Although she is still hearing back from schools and making her decision, it is still a fun and scary thought that next year, she too will be a full time college student! So happ.y happy happy!!!! Maya’s going to college. Happy happy happy happy!!! Penguin dance for the masses!!!

I hope all have a great third week of school this week and if you are interested on hearing how my first day of observation and activities go, please keep reading next week!

Second Semester Senior

Welcome to Spring Semester!

I’ve always thought Spring Semester was such a misleading title because it always seems to be freezing cold until about a week before we’re ready to leave campus.

Anyway, I am delighted to say that I made it through the first semester of my senior seminar class and I have moved on to part two! Starting my final semester at Saint Xavier is kind of surreal at this point. It is one of those days that always seemed so far off…like something that might never even happen. Although I can see graduation approaching, I have so much to accomplish before that day that it still seems like I have quite a ways to go.

My nephew and I having some fun in the unseasonably warm, December weather!

My nephew and I having some fun in the unseasonably warm, December weather!

l returned to campus about two weeks ago after nearly a month off. I had a wonderful holiday season and was able to spend a lot of time with my family and friends from home. Leaving my family to come back to school is always a little bittersweet, you get better at it as times goes on, but I always feel like I leave a part of me at home when I leave. I realized over break that it is very likely that I will not have an entire month off to spend with my family next year because most jobs in my field do not offer that amount of time off for the holidays, so I really tried to make the most of this break.

My brother, sister (also an SXU student) and I on Christmas Eve.

My brother, sister (also an SXU student) and I on Christmas Eve.


I am currently in the process of conducting my senior research and putting together my senior portfolio for the Saint Xavier Honors Program. This portfolio requires me to pull assignments from my previous honors projects and reflect on my progress. Because of this, I have been reading through some of my old assignments dating all the way back to my freshman english course! Even you do not have to complete a portfolio as part of your senior year, I would strongly recommend that all students read through some of their old work if they still have access to it. I remember feeling to so lost as a freshman with an “undecided” major. I didn’t think I could even choose a path for my education let alone excel in the subject. It is amazing to see how far I have come in knowledge, skill and confidence. It is evidence that although at many times it has been trying and seemingly pointless, the education I have received and thoroughly and deeply changed me for the better.

I am excited to continue blogging through the last leg of my journey at SXU and to make some more progress and memories to take with me when I leave. Thanks for coming along for the ride!
Until next time…

First Week Back- My Birthday

coatI hope everyone had a great winter break and had a good first week! My first week was pretty good! All of my classes are education method classes and one literature course which has to do with my endorsements. I am looking forward to all of my classes and think they will be great!

My winter break was great; it felt awesome being home with my family! I was in shock seeing how my siblings have all grown so much even since Thanksgiving. . . . My baby sister turned a whole 7 years old this month!!family

This week we had Winter Week, which was a lovely welcome back to campus! The R.S.O. fair provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the registered student organizations (R.S.O.) on campus. The entire campus community is invited to celebrate the new semester at the Fair and snacks are provided for all who attend! I really enjoyed being there because  I was able to represent MSPJ and talk about all of the awesome things that MSPJ does, including Broadview! Speaking of Broadview, it’s this Friday and I am still taking sign ups. In case some may need a reminder about Broadview, MSPJ travels to Broadview for a prayer vigil in front of the Broadview Detention Center. As we travel we learn about the United States broken immigration system and stand in solidarity with those being deported from this country the families they leave behind, and the community as we pray the rosary together. As always, all faiths are welcome. If interested on attending, please let me know at:

On Friday I had my Peer Minister retreat for this semester. And it was a fantastic retreat that allowed me to start this new semester creating new goals and great ideas for this semester.

my birthdayToday (Monday) we had no classes due to it being Martin Luther King Jr Day which landed pretty nicely because it was my birthday today!  Not only is this the 30th anniversary of MLK Day being recognized as a federal holiday, I turned a whole 20 years old today which just feels really weird because well, I’m no longer a teenager. This weekend I realized why I struggle with the idea of my birthday since I have gotten to college. And it’s because my birthday at college is without my family. Which is really strange to me, and makes celebrating it just weird…

I do feel lucky that so many wished me a lovely birthday and I feel so blessed to have so many loved ones in my life. For my birthday, my boyfriend took me out for hibachi which was amazingggggggg. I love hibachi and it was just so good.candy And it was a really nice to get to go out for lunch with him. My residents were so sweet that they decorated my door and added candy to my wall, which truly made my day, and made me feel like I have done something right for my residents!

I ended my day with hanging out with Brittany (my roommate from last year) and our friend Jerry as we had a lovely cake and pizza which just made my birthday more delightful!! So even though I wasn’t home with my family, and miss them a lot especially today, it was a pretty good 20th birthday!brit and me

So thank you to all who are there for me and made my birthday so lovely, and thank you for all the birthday wishes!   Hope you all have a good second week of Spring Semester and start the semester well!cake and me