First Week Back- My Birthday

coatI hope everyone had a great winter break and had a good first week! My first week was pretty good! All of my classes are education method classes and one literature course which has to do with my endorsements. I am looking forward to all of my classes and think they will be great!

My winter break was great; it felt awesome being home with my family! I was in shock seeing how my siblings have all grown so much even since Thanksgiving. . . . My baby sister turned a whole 7 years old this month!!family

This week we had Winter Week, which was a lovely welcome back to campus! The R.S.O. fair provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the registered student organizations (R.S.O.) on campus. The entire campus community is invited to celebrate the new semester at the Fair and snacks are provided for all who attend! I really enjoyed being there because  I was able to represent MSPJ and talk about all of the awesome things that MSPJ does, including Broadview! Speaking of Broadview, it’s this Friday and I am still taking sign ups. In case some may need a reminder about Broadview, MSPJ travels to Broadview for a prayer vigil in front of the Broadview Detention Center. As we travel we learn about the United States broken immigration system and stand in solidarity with those being deported from this country the families they leave behind, and the community as we pray the rosary together. As always, all faiths are welcome. If interested on attending, please let me know at:

On Friday I had my Peer Minister retreat for this semester. And it was a fantastic retreat that allowed me to start this new semester creating new goals and great ideas for this semester.

my birthdayToday (Monday) we had no classes due to it being Martin Luther King Jr Day which landed pretty nicely because it was my birthday today!  Not only is this the 30th anniversary of MLK Day being recognized as a federal holiday, I turned a whole 20 years old today which just feels really weird because well, I’m no longer a teenager. This weekend I realized why I struggle with the idea of my birthday since I have gotten to college. And it’s because my birthday at college is without my family. Which is really strange to me, and makes celebrating it just weird…

I do feel lucky that so many wished me a lovely birthday and I feel so blessed to have so many loved ones in my life. For my birthday, my boyfriend took me out for hibachi which was amazingggggggg. I love hibachi and it was just so good.candy And it was a really nice to get to go out for lunch with him. My residents were so sweet that they decorated my door and added candy to my wall, which truly made my day, and made me feel like I have done something right for my residents!

I ended my day with hanging out with Brittany (my roommate from last year) and our friend Jerry as we had a lovely cake and pizza which just made my birthday more delightful!! So even though I wasn’t home with my family, and miss them a lot especially today, it was a pretty good 20th birthday!brit and me

So thank you to all who are there for me and made my birthday so lovely, and thank you for all the birthday wishes!   Hope you all have a good second week of Spring Semester and start the semester well!cake and me

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