MLK Week

Hello all! I Hope you have all had a fantastic MLK week! SXU had daily events celebrating diversity and honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. including the presentation of the “I Have a Dream” speech, “Color Doesn’t Matter,” Make Sandwiches for the Bread Truck, Voices Café Open Mic, Broadview Deportation Center Visit, and the Praise and Worship Service.

book shelfThis week I felt like a true adult because I bought and put together my own bookshelf (Given I used a friend’s tool set, and we did it together!) The thought is still present, though, that this bookshelf is one I will actually have in a someday-adult-apartment, and it’s a big deal! And for the time being, it makes my college dorm room seem more homey and classy! (Shout out to Brittany for putting it together with me!)

One thing that I am trying to make part of my schedule is working out and eating healthy; last semester I tried to eat healthy but didn’t make the time to go to the Shannon center to workout. . . So this semester I am trying to make it part of my schedule! Some things that I have noticed is that I surprisingly feel comfortable at the gym, maybe it’s dumb of me to be surprised, but I honestly thought I would just feel uncomfortable around all of these healthy fit people… But I do feel comfortable in a way where they, like me, are just trying to be healthy; it’s almost like a mutual respect! One thing that I am trying out is Pilates which is a class that the Shannon Center offers! The class I attend is on Monday and Wednesday nights and the first class I attended was a fantastic workout for half an hour. Given it was hard, but it was a great workout that reminded me of my soccer and track days in high school!


bagsOn Thursday I attended the “Make Sandwiches for the Bread Truck” which was a group of students who are having a good time while packing food for the Bread Truck. In case you have forgotten what the Bread Truck is, it is a food truck that travels to different locations in the Back of the Yards neighborhood serving those in hunger.

On Friday I led Broadview for the first time all by myself. Although I had many returnees, it was strange to no longer have Yurtiza there with me. (Yurtiza graduated last semester.) In case some may need a reminder about Broadview, MSPJ travels to Broadview for a prayer vigil in front of the Broadview Detention Center. As we travel we learn about the United States broken immigration system and stand in solidarity with those being deported from this country, the families they leave behind, and our community as we pray the rosary together. As always, all faiths are welcome. One thing that stood out to me this past Friday was how many children were at Broadview saying goodbye to someone they love. For those who don’t know this about me, I love children, so seeing at least twenty children leaving the building crying as their parents stood strong holding their hands broke me . . . .broadview 2As an adult I can’t understand the logic of breaking part families, so to a little child I cannot understand how difficult it is for them… Although it is true that going to Broadview is not exactly the happiest way to start one’s weekend, I believe it is still important to go and stand with the families, the children, and the community… If interested on attending, please let me know at

On a happier note, this upcoming Monday I start my observation hours, which is going into the classroom and observing how the teacher conducts her classroom. Overall, I am a guest in her classroom so I have no idea what she would like me to do! It can be me sitting in the back just watching taking notes… Or it can have me being involved in the classroom! I truly do not know yet and won’t know till Monday! I do know my teacher’s name and that it will be a 7th grade class!

An exciting note is that my sister Maya, has just heard back from SXU admission’s office, and she has been accepted! Although she is still hearing back from schools and making her decision, it is still a fun and scary thought that next year, she too will be a full time college student! So happ.y happy happy!!!! Maya’s going to college. Happy happy happy happy!!! Penguin dance for the masses!!!

I hope all have a great third week of school this week and if you are interested on hearing how my first day of observation and activities go, please keep reading next week!

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