Crazy Weather!

2.28Hey all! So this past week we have had crazy weather with tons of snow to it being in the 60’s!We have had it all when it comes to weather this week! I think the only thing I don’t like about it is that it makes life difficult to figure out what to wear because everyday the weather was different!

So this past week in school I was a part of the “Busy Persons Retreat” (BPR). This means that every day I studied the daily scriptures and reflecting on them with a guide. My guide was Sister Kathleen. Working with her was a really good experience because she used to be a teacher and we just really connected to one another about what my thoughts were for the readings. Some cool things about the BPR is that you only meet with your guide every day for half an hour and have an half hour before hand of reading and prepping for the meeting. This was my first year doing it, and it was really easy for me to do because the meetings go with my schedule! So it worked well for me! And this evening (Sunday) we are having a pizza party and meditation which just makes all of this seem cool because it was free! So next year, sign up, people!!2.28 1

On Tuesday for my American Literature Since 1865 course, I had my group presentation about Robert Frost! It was cool to do the research and present it to the class. I also found it really cute that Robert Frost married his co-valedictorian and that she was also his inspiration for a lot of his poetry.. (Awww) And we must have done well because we got an A for it! YAY! And Robert Frost gave the graduation address for Grandma Fisher’s college graduation.

On Wednesday, I made it to round two on the leadership progress which was group interview for returning leadership positions. This year the process has been completely changed so it wasn’t anything like it has been in past years. Although afterwards I realized that I liked it, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. Some things that were changed was that returners and new applications were separate from each other. And that all positions were together for the group interviews (where before RAs had group interview together, and TPMs separate and all together). Something nice about this is that those who are applying for multiple positions (like me) only have this one interview with multiple people observing. Something that I didn’t like as much about this new process is that I don’t know what I have been brought to the next level in regards to what I am applying for. So for example, I am applying for next year to be a RA, RPM, PM, And TPM but just by looking at my resume and application I could only be in the process still for being a TPM. (Hopefully this is not true but could happen).

2.28 2On Thursday I had my event about “love language.” I really loved getting to this event because everyone has to reflect about how they want to receive love and how they least want to receive love. So those who attended the event, started by taking a 20 question quiz on (in case you want to take it) and then afterwards we talked about what these results meant. One thing that I stressed as being important is that those around you may not have the same love language as you, so not only is it important that they know what your love language, but also that you know the other person. One of the great things about this is that it doesn’t have to be about someone that you are romantically involved with, it could also be your friends! I really enjoyed this event because it stresses how love may not always be easy, and how it’s something you yourself need to work on but also those around you.

2.28 3For those of you who don’t know this, my boyfriend goes the Northwestern and is taking Italian as his language requirement. Part of this requirement is going to events. Last night, I got to accompany him on getting to go and see the Opera of  Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro). It was a beautiful performance and it was lovely to see! I seriously am amazed at how great opera singers are! A three hour performance of singing in crazy pitches and without mics! It also brought back my own memories of when I was in orchestra pit for high school musicals! That seems like such a long time ago!

I hope this great weather stays with us and hope you all have a great week!

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