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I’ve had a rather uneventful week filled with researching, writing and rewriting. One of the most challenging aspects of your senior year is that you’re attempting to successfully complete a very challenging and rigorous capstone course, but it is not the only thing you have going on in your life. That capstone course (my senior project) would be much more manageable if it was the only task on my plate. I am currently still taking three other classes and holding two positions on campus. Sometimes it seems my to-do list only gets longer despite the amount of work I put in. I suppose that is the importance of senior year, though. It’s more than just taking classes and passing exams. You’re trying to prove that you can apply your skills and knowledge and manage many things at once, much like you will have to do after college. I know I’ll never just have one task to complete. I’ll likely have have a job, a house to manage and a family someday. For that reason, as hard as this may be, I appreciate the experience I am gaining.

I have, however, been able to take some breaks and do a few fun things. My friends and I have recently rediscovered some of our favorite board games from our childhood. We’ve spent a few evenings playing Clue, Yahtzee and Dominoes in our apartment after our long days of class, clinicals and student teaching. One would think those games would not be nearly as entertaining at 22 as they were at 10, but I would argue that we enjoy them even more now! I would strongly suggest you dig your old board games out of your closet!

A little peek into a University apartment (and our snacks).

A little peek into a University apartment (and our snacks).


In addition to that, I am eating some unhealthy snacks and watching Super Bowl 50 with my roommates as I type this blog! I am really just in it for the half-time show, but it’s fun nonetheless. Time to get back to the game!
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