Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This is going to be a quick blog, considering I am drowning in homework to complete for this week. It’s been a snowy day here in Chicago, I hope it is one of the last of this winter, although I doubt it. Aside from the snow, it has been brutally cold this weekend, making doing anything except staying inside under a blanket just about unbearable. I am beyond ready for spring to arrive. It looks like the end of this week might bring us much more comfortable temperatures, so I am trying to keep my focus on those days to get me through the cold morning walks through campus. The sun is setting a little bit later every day. Soon, 5 pm won’t feel like midnight.

Aside from homework and planning, I carved out some time to treat myself this weekend for Valentine’s Day. I went home to hang out with me Mom and enjoyed some delicious meals. I also got myself a manicure. Not having to paint my own nails is near the top of my list of favorite things. I also spent a little time working on a DIY project for my bedroom at home. Over winter break, I began remodeling my room and transforming it from a hot pink, teenage girl heaven into a classy, gray, rustic, oasis.

Our weekend DIY project

Our weekend DIY project

I recently saw some mason jar lanterns on Etsy that would fit perfectly with my theme, but they were a little pricey. With the help of some really talented and creative friends, we crafted the same product at almost no cost. I absolutely could have not done this myself, so I am very grateful to have such generous and hard-working friends!

That’s about all I have to report this week! I can’t wait to get up in the morning and shovel snow (sarcasm is difficult to convey through the internet, but I hope you caught it).  I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week! Stay warm!

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Hi everyone! I am currently a Senior communication major at Saint Xavier University! This is my second year blogging for the Cougar Diaries and I am very excited to continue sharing my story! I tend to blog a lot about my classes, happenings in and around SXU, my relationship with my identical twin sister, my family and friends and anything that I can't seem to get out of my head! I am graduating in May and preparing myself for life outside of SXU. So I invite you to join me as I embark on the final lap of my college career!

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