Introspection: Time Passes

There’s something wonderful about the sound of wind. It makes me think. When a window’s open, there’s a feeling of the ocean waves, the reassuring feel of sound in the silence of the morning, the promise of time’s passing. The reason why I am saying this is because of this week’s introspection, time, more specifically, the passing of time. With Spring Break only a week away, I found it to be the perfect time to write about this. I can, at least, give my humble perspective in this matter that so affects us all in a society in which time truly is money. We often make the mistake that time will wait for us or that we’ll be able to catch up to it. But it doesn’t; we can’t. Time waits for no one, right? It keeps going. That’s an issue that we, as college students, deal with all the time. I bring this up because this week has been a hectic one. Taking eighteen credit hours can be a challenge, especially when you have work alongside it as well as hobbies and clubs. It’s frustrating and draining to deal with it every day. Balancing time to fulfill our academic needs with our social ones is something that we often times take as a one of another type of instance. We either have neglected our studies to be with those we care about. Or the inverse, we abandon our time with friends to keep up with our academics. I too suffer from this blight, seeing as six demanding classes plus work and my position as secretary of a club are always on my lap.

There is no need to remove yourself from your social life. Studying and working are only effective if you can maintain a balance. If you’re suffering from writer’s block, take it easy, chat with friends, don’t think about the writing. For me, doing that let’s the motivation return and makes writing easier after a nice break. Time is everything. You have to think about what matters more? Does this report that needs to be turned in tomorrow more important than you being there for your friend that just broke up with their significant other? I can’t say what is more salient because, like everything, context matters. Nuances in our lives alter our perspective to the point that absolutes absolutely don’t work anymore. But, there is a single true our there that I am confident in.

Time passes; it’s what happens during that time that matters. In one hour I could finish writing a paper. In that same hour, I could have call my mother and father, told them of my day and that I was fine and inquire of theirs. It’s all about priorities. They’re old. Their time is near its end and I can either wait for its passing or scramble frantically to take in as much of it as I can before it’s gone. It’s a hard thing to swallow, knowing that one day they’ll be gone and I will be left with only the ticking of a clock telling me the world’s moved on while I stand there. But what is to be done? Can I really continue on? Time’s going to pass and we can either lament and wallow on what we could have done or will do or we can just do it. I tend to try to do the latter.

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