Getting Back into the Swing of Things!

This last week was a busy one for me. I started my week off at Ms. W’s (won’t say her name) 7th grade writing and reading class! I was so excited to be there and feel so lucky to have such a welcoming and involved teacher! As I said last week, for observation hours it pretty much is whatever the teacher wants me as the guest to do. She welcomed me so warmly to her class and asked me how involved I wanted to be! I said I however much she would like me to do and her excitement shined off of her. I feel pretty lucky to be learning from a teacher who is so positive and has so much to share with the students! Just from my first day there I can clearly see that she is loved by her students and that she has created a great learning space for her students!

presenation of peopleOn Tuesday in my Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language, we attended as a class the “teaching against the school to prison pineline”. Overall the focus on the presentation was for education and criminal justice majors. Dr. Crystal Laura who grew up not so far from SXU in Beverly, and is now a professor at University of Chicago. Her presentation was about what it meant to have a school-to-prison pineline and what this meant for us as teachers. One line that truly affected me was when she was talking about how as teachers and especially if we are working in a CPS (Chicago Public School) school that we are either working for incarceration expansion  OR for  incarceration prevention: it is that extreme. Although it was not a happy topic that was presented to us, it was a truly fantastic presentation that and one that truly benefited me as a future teacher to hear it!

On Wednesday evening, I also attending another presentation on “Dismasting Institutional Racism” which is a series that is focused on having careers that are focused on helping others. It was the first installment in a series of programs featuring professionals who have dedicated their lives to working for the common good through the lens of the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns.  The first panel featured two professionals who work in organizations that provide support, encouragement, and opportunities for men and women of color.

palesWeek three of working out: I have overall continued another week of making working out part of my schedule and eating healthy! I have noticed that I am not as sore after working out, or I have just gotten used to being sore.  . .  When I do get to go to sleep, I’m falling asleep faster than before I was working out! I also completed week two of Pilates which has really been pushing my workouts! But it’s a fun class and so my suffering doesn’t seem so bad! If you’re looking for a good workout in a great environment join us on Mondays as Wednesdays at 8-8:30PM in Pacelli Hall!

This coming Friday MSPJ will be hosting out first meeting for this semester! We will be talking about our plans for this semester and how members can get involved!
Hope you all have a great first week of February!  And here’s hoping that the warmth stays with us!!