Sorry For Not Having Such an Exciting Week!

1.1Hey all! I hope you have all had a great week! The weather has been pretty good I think! The snow has pretty much melted the snow on campus and everything is becoming alive once again on campus! Even though it is still chilly out, spring is just around the corner! This post is going to be a somewhat short one just because I am not sure that I really did anything worthy of writing about!

I did do my workouts and Pilates classes! Which is something that I am really starting to enjoy and look forward to doing! Like who doesn’t enjoy feeling like they want to die? (Only kind of kidding…)

I was able to do the Breadtruck this past Thursday, which made my day!1.2 I always love getting to do the breadtruck! And one new thing about the Breadtruck this time was that we had another car following us spreading awareness and information about diabetes.

I also discovered one of the major pros of living in Chicago: insomnia cookies! Getting to buy warm cookies after nine at night can lead to no regrets! Seriously, was great and warm!

1.3Lots of homework and meetings this week so I am sorry for this being a short one! But next week will be a fantastic post with more happening!

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