Easter Break!


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great and lovely Holy Week! I actually had a pretty long Easter Break this week because I went home to Minnesota after field experience on Monday! This was my first time back home since the beginning of January, so I was ready to go home! (So the rest of this blog post will be about me being home!)

So on Monday I surprised my brother, Emiliano (13), and sister, Maya (18), at the airport because my mom, who is a writer and many times gives rides to writer friends who stop in Minneapolis, told my siblings that they were picking up a famous writer. IMG_1716Instead they got me! They were so surprised that Maya almost ran through the security check point!

On Tuesday I got to surprise my youngest sister, Luna (7), at my dad’s and I saw her and my dad. It’s crazy to me how big all of my siblings are getting and how smart they are getting! Luna read her first chapter book over break!! She read the first Magic Tree House book to me!! It’s crazy! And Emiliano is more sarcastic than ever!

IMG_1753The rest of break I went back and forth from my parent’s homes and going to church with my boyfriend! Overall, it was a great and relaxing Easter Break with those I love!

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