Introspection: Choices

Spring Break is here and with it comes choices. If any of you were as unfortunate enough to have been forced to watch those anti-underage drinking or child predator public service announcements, you know what I’m talking about. I remember those horrendous days when we’d have to sit in the auditorium and listen to the principal ramble on and on before an equally boring video, as cheesy as the nachos being served for lunch, was played. I mean, it’s common sense that people lack in these situations, right? When I was a kid, these videos meant literally nothing. I didn’t go out to parties, I don’t give my personal information to strangers on the internet, in fact I hesitate and even try to avoid giving my address to friends. I had no intention whatsoever to drink alcohol and I never went out to do anything after school. It was pretty safe to say it was not relevant at all, at least to me. However, now in college, those messages that I ignored were becoming more relevant, not so much for me but for those around me. Dangerous situations that my fellow students would get into were becoming a reality and not just a situation in a bad Lifetime movie. It seems to be a rite of passage for the freshmen to partake in certain illicit activities during their time in college. It had been so since forever that it has become a trope in popular culture. You can’t ignore it because there policies against it. Since I work with the Housekeeping staff on campus, I’ve seen the evidence of that rite. Despite the fact that it is very hard, if not impossible, to stop it, we can make choices to mitigate or protect those that do partake. What those exact contingencies are, I can’t really say. I’m not an expert not report to be. I’m just a student. But what I can do is provide some basic common sense that I feel is lacking heavily nowadays.

have friends taking road trips and others are heading for famous or infamous, depending on your preference, Spring Break hubs, like Miami and Cancun. For myself, I’m heading home. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my parents. I miss it, especially the home cooking. Living on campus, you learn to appreciate little things like having someone else wash your close or make your meals. Some people might call me a bore for staying at home and not “living” as they would put it. I just have to say this. I have my entire life to enjoy time for myself, to see the world. But I don’t have my entire time to be with my parents. They are old, old enough to be the grandparents of my fellow students. I know this and I know that reality comes with it certain attitudes and values. I’ll speak more of those values in a later post. What I want to talk about right now is choices.

We have choices that we can make that not only affect ourselves but those around us. When you go out drinking and having a good time, that’s one thing. I’m not some prude or prohibitionist that wants to ruin everyone’s fun. But someone’s fun ends when it directly affects the lives of others, physically or mentally. I saw this one post about Alcohol and Gender around campus. There is a need for people to have a bit of introspection when it comes to their actions. Common sense, it’s something we lack in abundance nowadays it seems. People drink, they party, they get high or whatever and then something bad happens and everyone asks, ‘what were they thinking?’ That’s the problem, they weren’t thinking. They made poor choices that ended in someone getting hurt. Granted, a lot of the time, nothing does happen. But for those times something does, we see it on the news all the time. I don’t need to gone on this issue, right? You were like me right? You saw those dumb videos, those repetitive anti-sexual assault courses that tell us exactly what we already know. I just want everyone to come back to campus safe. Choices, we all make them. Some of us make it on impulse and others on experience. No matter what process, we make choices and it’s up to us to decide, to think beyond the presence and think of what might happen if I do this. Go have fun this week. But make sure you’re making decisions you won’t regret. I know I won’t.

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