Who Really Needs Sleep?

Hello all! Once again, this week has been another crazy, sleepless week! On Monday, I felt lucky because my teacher for field experience allowed me to teach her second reading class after I observed her first reading class. It was awesome to actually be teaching the lesson plan and being involved in the class. I asked the class what they should call me because of my double last name and they asked for Ms. Garcia, which is what I decided to go with! (Sorry, mom) And after I finished the lesson, the class clapped for me!

IMG_1467Later on Monday around lunchtime, I found out that Bernie Sanders was going to be at Roosevelt University (in downtown Chicago). Once I found this out, I knew that this was finally my chance to see him! So I talked with some friends and we decided that we would leave right after my MSPJ (Mercy Students for Peace and Justice) meeting! So we got in line around 6pm! And waited until around 8 for our tickets to go inside, seats were on a first-come-first-serve basis! Once we got our tickets, we were all super excited and happy because that meant us leaving campus and waiting in line was going to be all worth it! Everyone, from those in line to the police officers to even the community members, was all kind! Bernie didn’t come out until 11 p.m. that evening, and my group of friends left at about 11:45 because I had an 8 a.m. the next day! Elizabeth, one of the friends who went with us, was also an election judge at 5 a.m. on Tuesday so we really did need to go! Even though it was a late night, it was completely worth the lack of sleep to see Bernie!IMG_1484

On Tuesday, I felt super tired and lost my voice from the night before. So when I made it to my 8 a.m. class, I felt pretty proud of myself! There was supposed to be a group presentation but one of the members of the group was running late and wasn’t going to be there for another 45 minutes, so my professor cancelled class!! This has never happened to me before but I gladly went back to my room only to start working on my homework… Not to sleep…

On Wednesday at Mission Day, three people were awarded for their outstanding work for our school and community: a student, one a professor, and one a staff member. For the student service award, one of my closest friends and someone I truly look up to, senior Kathy Rodriguez received the award! I felt so proud of Kathy because I know she truly deserved the award! Kathy is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine, loving people I know. She has worked to serve those around her and live a compassionate life. Kathy has helped me with leading Broadview, convinced me to stay with my ESL endorsement and just been a kind presence in my life. IMG_1609When she was giving thanks for the award her speech brought me to tears. It makes me sad to know that Kathy will be leaving SXU this May, but I know she will change the world and be a great teacher wherever she ends up serving.

On Thursday I was able to attend the “Working with Mercy: Health and Welfare of Women” which was a great event to attend! We had five SXU alumni who spoke about their current jobs and the areas of Illinois that they stressed needed the most assistance. The jobs that they held varied from non-profits to hospitals to being an organizer. It was incredibly cool to see how Mercy is still a part of them not only at home but in their work.

IMG_1643Later on Thursday, I was also able to attend “A Night with Political Cartoonist,” which was funny, informational, and interesting! I would say that everyone should look up “Keith Knight” and look at his “controversial comic strips.” He made many great statements which I hope to always remember. One of these statements was that we all need to be having these uncomfortable conversations about race and what is going on in the world. One statement that he also made to follow this statement was that it was good that we were uncomfortable with horrible events that happen in front of us; it shows that we are still human, but that we have to do something about these events. Silence is acceptance.

On Friday, we had another trip to Broadview Deportation Center! IMG_1650Joining us was not only many community members but also reporters and camera crew form Salt and Light Catholic TV! We had a great turnout and it was just another great experience to be a part of! The final date for Broadview is April 1, so if you would like to sign up just contact me at garciafisher.g01@mymail.sxu.edu. We’d like you to be part of the change and stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters as they are being torn apart by our broken immigration system.

On Sunday, we had open house for admitted students for the class of 2020! It’s crazy to think this day two years ago my mom dragged me to go and hear about the School of Education, and I decided to change my major! Loving education, so thanks, mom, for convincing me to go and hear about the School of Education! Love you, momma!

Hope you all have a great Holy Week and a happy Easter! Thanks for reading!

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