Time to Take Action!

Hey all! The weather is warm and life seems great right now, right? Well somewhat! This week I got sick and had a lot happening in my classes, which makes sense because the end is near. This upcoming week is SXU’s last week of classes and then onto finals.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about the end of this school year. This semester is by far the hardest semester I have had. With the most late nights, early morning work sessions, and full day of work, I feel ready to be done with it. At the same time, it seems strange to think that after these two weeks, I will officially be halfway done with college. Although this week was filled more with group projects and homework, I did do some fun things.

IMG_2124On Wednesday, I had my first trip to Springfield attending a MAP rally. Although SXU missed the rally because our bus was two hours late, we did get to go inside of the capital and occupy the building with other schools. It was a great opportunity that allowed us to meet with different representatives from our Illinois area.  On Friday morning, I received an email from President Wiseman saying that:

It is rare that action by committed people produces a tangible legislative result in just 24 hours, but today there was movement in the legislature. Congratulations to all of you! This morning we received word from Rep. Kelly Burke and others that legislation was passed today which would appropriate (release) some of the MAP funds now owed to students in Illinois. That bill should be sitting on the governor’s desk as I write this, waiting for his signature. Keep your fingers crossed!


In the meantime, I want you to know how proud I am of our SXU students and your ability to intelligently communicate your stories and your situations to our legislators in Springfield. I heard from my colleagues at other universities that our students were most impressive.  More importantly, our legislators have seen you in action. This is greater success than any of us has experienced yet!IMG_2071


In closing, please be sure to thank Rep. Kelly Burke, Senator Bill Cunningham, and Senator Mike Hastings. They obviously were very influential in passing this legislation and sending it on to the governor.


I am personally grateful to all of you – and to our staff who accompanied you to Springfield.

–President Wiseman

IMG_2112It truly shows how connected President Wiseman is to SXU and how us young people can actually make a difference. And really, how many university presidents are this awesome?

On Sunday, I had the privilege of working the Breakfast with the Deans for Office of Admissions. I was especially excited about this event because I was working with the School of Education students who will be attending in the fall. It was exciting to get to answer their questions and work with the students who will be the future of SXU.

I wish everyone good luck on the last week of classes and to finish strong! Believe in yourself and keep pushing it! Another year is almost complete! So to end this week’s post I will leave you with a quote by Rivers Cuomo, “With each step I take, I see that my ability to perform gets a little better. So until it starts getting worse, I’m going to keep moving forward.”

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